Reading Newspapers Essay

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Reading Newspapers

Newspaper, as we all know, contains various kinds of news around the world. The newspapers are published at night and then printed before it is being distributed in the morning. In the earlier days, newspapers were a daily object for every household. However, with the advancement of information technology, the news is not available on mobile devices with the help of the internet. Furthermore, the news which is present on the internet is always made in a summarized. However, apart from that, there are various kinds of benefits which we get from newspapers. Due to this reason, newspaper circulation still exists, and many households still rely on newspapers to get the news instead of reading them on their mobile devices.


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Benefits of Reading Newspaper-

            One of the benefits of reading newspapers is that users can strengthen both their reading and writing skills. It is very much recommended for the students to read the newspaper, and this helps them in getting to know various kinds of new words. Along with that, if the student has a habit of reading newspapers, then they would be able to write well too. The newspapers always use a variety of words which helps us in understanding the news and information more straightforwardly. Along with that, newspapers contain various kinds of data and information about entertainment and sports news too. The sports news helps the readers to know the result of the football game which they have missed due to office work. Along with that, the sports news is written so that the reader can close their eyes relive the match.

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            Other benefits of the newspaper include gaining general knowledge. The schools and colleges and always advise the students to read the newspaper daily. This helps them in widening their general knowledge about their nation and the world too. The newspapers contain the news of around the world. Along with that, the news written contains information and data about the political, geographical and other kinds of the scenario of the world. This helps the students to have a curiosity about the said nation. That is when the students investigate the new nation, which they have learned from the newspaper. Apart from that, in the current affairs section of the newspaper, the students can know about the various kinds of events and situations which happen in the world right at that moment.


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            The students who have a curiosity towards politics too can gain a lot of knowledge and information about the political scenarios of the nation. The newspaper is written in a completely unbiased fashion. This is the reason; the student does not get attracted to one single political single party. Along with that, the newspaper contains data and information about all the political moves and actions taken by the government. After that, the students then align that action or move with the laws and guidelines stated in the civics subject. If they can see that there is any cruel practice being carried, then they can raise their voice. The newspaper acts as a medium, which helps the citizens of the nation to know about the various kind of schemes and actions being carried out by the ruling political party in the government.


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            Apart from that, the students who are researching their universities can also know about the various data and information related to their research or study from the newspaper. Whenever any research or study is being carried out for the welfare of human beings, that article gets highlighted in the newspaper. The students who have conducted any research related to that article can gain further detailed insights about the research. This also helps them expand their search criteria, which again helps them bring various kinds of changes to their research or study. As the newspaper uses various kinds of words and phrases, the students can also increase their vocabulary skills.

            By increasing their vocabulary skills, the students can write on various kinds of topics and studies and then publish them in the magazine published from their schools or colleges. The newspaper also contains a puzzle section, where the students and readers can solve various kinds of riddles, puzzles, sudoku, and word games. The word games help the readers to gain more vocabulary, and the riddles and sudoku help them in gaining more intelligence. Furthermore, as the newspaper uses simple and new words in their articles, it helps readers become good speakers. Thus, it can be said, that newspaper also helps the readers in increasing their speaking skills. The speaking skills are essential for those readers who like to give speeches at various kinds of events.

Role In Humans Life-

            Newspapers have always been a vital part of human beings. It was the first source of information gathering medium. It also contains various kinds of advertisements, which helps the readers to know about the various kinds of items and products which has been launched from the manufacturing industries. The newspaper also contains information about the movies and serials which would be aired on television. Furthermore, the readers can also send various kinds of tender notice to the newspaper to get quotations from various contractors.

Along with that, the newspaper also contains a literary section, where various kinds of authors worldwide or the nation can publish their poems or stories in the newspapers. It also contains interviews of famous sports personalities and industrialists. It also contains a leisure section, where the kids can read small comics and solve riddles and puzzles independently. Making a habit of reading the newspaper from a very young age will also be advisable, and it will become very much beneficial too. As we can see, it increases the vocabulary, and can also become a good speaker. Speaking skills are one of the essential skills which are required in the corporate world. Once reading the newspaper has been made a habit. It will become significantly more manageable for the reader to speak about their project, presentation and other different kinds of professional work in the corporate workplace.

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