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My Mother Essay

Mother is a special and essential person for every child and are also considered to be precious gift from God by children. Mother is not only a parent, but also a mentor, friend, guide, coach and is also considered to be the child’s first teacher who teaches the child all the social etiquettes of walking, talking, standing, sitting, eating and others which are essential for their growth as well as development. It is mother’s who take care of the entire household and turn the house into a beautiful home through her love, care and affection. She brings her children up with extreme care, love and compassion and takes the responsibility of fulfilling their needs. has been a premium do my assignment help service provider in the USA for ages.

For me, my mother is the symbol of encouragement, motivation, love, honesty as well as compassion who gives inspiration to me to fight all odds and challenges of the world and rise up with full self-confidence as well as increases morale and self-esteem. My mother is an amazing human being whom I admire the most. It is from my mother that I have learnt the importance of being career-oriented as it will help me to reach new heights, make new friends, be around innovative ideas and opinions which leads to constant personal as well as professional development. My mother too is a working woman, but she has been successful in taking care of her children and husband and has excelled in both household and office work which is why my respect towards her keeps on increasing. Despite being a working woman, my mother has never compromised on her motherly duties and responsibilities and has been successful in maintaining a balance between the two.

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Despite being a working woman

She is the first one to wake up in the morning and the last one to go to sleep, and ensured that everyone’s needs are fulfilled while they are at home. My mother wakes up in the morning and makes breakfast for everyone, and on the other hand also prepares for lunch, as during this time, she won’t be at home therefore, she ensures that lunch is made before she leaves the house so that her children and others can have food on time. She also effectively takes care of our pet puppy, and ensures that he gets food to sustain him while everyone is out. She also ensures that the pet has enough drinking water and is safe at home while others are away for work and study. Similarly, before leaving, my mother makes sure that the house is neat and tidy so that when she and others return home, they can take rest and have a good experience after returning, instead of witnessing an untidy household, which will ruin one’s mood and make them more frustrated.

After coming home, even without taking rest and getting fresh, my mother comes and checks our pet, whether he is fine or not which again shows my mother’s love and affection not only towards human but also towards animals, and this a sign of a good and affectionate human being. After that my other checks on everyone, whether they have had their food or not and only after getting a positive response from everyone, she goes to freshen up herself. My mother also effectively takes care of our studies and assignment and regularly asks about how we are progressing in our studies and what kind of help we need in our assignments. She takes great interest in knowing about our friends and how we spent our day which has increases our communication and understanding with her, unlike other children who face the problem of lack of attention from their parents if both their parents are working. But, the challenges students face while writing their paper is not always the same.

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My mother concerned about health healthy and strong

My mother is also concerned about our health and therefore, ensures that everyone in the house consumes nutritious food that will help in keeping us healthy and strong. She makes sure that we do not eat junk food either at home and outside and for this, she makes delicious and new dishes so that we avoid eating from outside. Most of the snacks like pizza, pasta, burger, fries and others, are made at home by my mother which is both rich in taste and also healthier than the outside food. However, this does not mean that we do not go out with my parents. My parents make sure that every once in two weeks and twice in a month we go out for family picnic, lunch or dinner where we can spend some quality family time together, play games, have conversations and discuss our problems without fear which has helped in increasing our bond and has made us respect our parents more than before, as it has made us realize the effort and hard work our parents give in to make their children happy as well as satisfied which has helped me to become more responsible in the decisions I take so that it does not act as a burden on my parents especially on my mother as she is more emotional than my father.

Another significant point and characteristic which needs to be highlighted regarding my mother, is that she is quite sacrificing in her approach, that is whenever her children are taken ill, she puts all the work aside and her priority becomes in attending to her children effectively and efficiently. During this time, she also takes leave from her office so that she can give full attention in taking care of us and does not join her work till we become healthy and normal life before. It is quite evident that my mother’s first priority are her children and everything and everyone comes after us. She also sacrifices her needs as well as desires to ensure that our needs and desires are met first which will eventually bring happiness to her and therefore strives to make us happy and comfortable.  Opting for those cheap assignment writing services.

Lead to my growth and development 

It is my mother who have inspired and motivated me to give importance to my studies and career as this will lead to my growth and development and will at the same time, also help me to earn respect as well as appreciation from others. My mother also shares her personal experiences and struggles as a young adult and how she made mistakes and were able to overcome some of the most difficult situations in her life which makes us aware of not repeating the same mistakes and if confronted with similar situation how we can successfully deal and cope with the situation. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that my mother has played a significant role in my personal as well as professional development. Therefore, my mother also acts as my best and confidante with whom I can share all my doubts and worries without any kind of fear and hesitation.

However, it should be noted that my can also become strict when it comes to disciplining her children and becomes stern when we misbehave with someone else or do something which is unacceptable, but this is her way of making us learn about right and wrong so that same mistakes are not repeated in future in front of others which can lead to our humiliation. Similarly, it is also essential to mention that my mother acts as the backbone of the house and is the silent decision-maker. She is a pillar of strength for my father and supports and appreciates him for his hard work and decisions and also rectifies him when a wrong decision is being made by them which has helped them to create a loving relationship with each other where there is respect and trust on one another. At the same time, my mother is the one who has managed to maintain respectful relationship with the neighbours as well as our relatives and has never stepped back when someone needed help from her.

Encourages us to participate becoming a better human being

Additionally, my mother is also interested in charity work and donates food and other basic needs when a drive for serving the poor takes place at our community and ensures that the items reach the one’s who really needs it. She also encourages us to participate in these types of programs which according to her will help individuals to become satisfied with what they have and also become considerate and compassionate towards the needy that will help I becoming a better human being. As a hobby and side business my mother runs an online bakery shop where she can show her love for baking and making new bakery items and sells it online when someone orders cookies, pastries and cakes from her.

Therefore, it can be said that my mother has relentless energy as well as stamina to manage both home and work and at the same time, take out time to do work which makes her happy and further strengthens her skills. Hence, it can be said that my mother has immense emotional as well as physical strength to do all the work while being an excellent mother and wife and has set a great example for us.

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