Essay on My Dream Topics

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Essay On My Dream Topics

Everyone desires to become prosperous in their life by building a fruitful career across the preferred field of work. Although, during this time, I have not been able to make decisions regarding my career, having understood if the same will provide with the expected outcome and will allow me to earn my bread and butter for the rest of my life.

Like many other individuals, the dream of serving the nation and providing the nation with what respect the same deserves stands to be the top on my priority list of becoming a successful person in life. There is a shared existence of multiple problems affecting the economy and prosperity of the country, starting from poverty, illiteracy, and issues related to racism. The country had once been famous for its existing heritage, which had been plundered during the later phases of the country.

Visible identification of multiple problems

However, there also been visible identification of multiple flaws within the existing political system, which has significantly given rise to multiple problems. However, the same cannot be blamed upon the elected government. Every individual citizen of the country has contributed to the significant development of the country. As an individual, I have a common motive of providing every individual with the required amount of education, which is necessary for the better growth of the country towards a better tomorrow.

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Someone had rightly stated that providing importance to the dreams and not considering the fears can be miracles happening in the individual’s life. Dreams are always necessary for a person to see what the person wants to achieve and check the success factors of such dreams, evaluating if they are attainable. Stating as the dream of a student is to achieve good grades for a better academic life, gather support from the family, and make friends who shall be staying for the rest of their lives.

In comparison to other individuals of the same age group, I have always visualized developing my career starting from my youth. I have always wished to become a famous writer and have established an urge to become a famous writer all across the world and become renowned among the younger generations through my works. However, I have never been good at carrying out verbal communication. In situations where my opinion has mattered, I have always chosen to stay silent as long as possible. However, this does not necessarily mean that I cannot speak for myself, but I have always chosen to remain silent be whatever the situation. As an individual, I have a common motive of providing every individual with the required amount of education, which is necessary for the better growth of the country towards a better tomorrow and significant future.

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Whenever I had been alone, I always tended to scream out loud and try to get rid of such emotion, but I also found a better way of portraying them rather than screaming and ending with a sore voice. The most effective solution that I identified was writing my thoughts on a blank piece of paper, which never questioned me. There were no contradictions, but always being a patient listener was what I ever needed to realize, the only thing that I want to carry out for a living.

My professional career dream 

Writing has now been an important part of my daily routing, where I have chosen the method for expression in my own way for all my feelings as well as the same has provided me with a helping hand in keeping me away from all of my problems. This has become more than a passion for me as well as I want to bring significant change throughout my professional career with the help of this activity.

From my very own childhood, I have been provided with the idea of developing and establishing a successful career in my job life, which will be stating appropriate usage of dreams and working hard behind them to make them a great success and to allow them to provide with bread and butter at the end of the day. Since then, I have always been confused about what I want to do to build my career. In addition to this, I also had the specific thought that whatever I choose to proceed with in the future should be wisely done. Wiser decisions will eventually provide the expected outcome, which is necessary and forms an integral part of the growth within an individual’s career.

Gain specific knowledge about writing styles

As I had chosen a blank piece of paper to be the only thing upon which I could express my thoughts, I also followed the lifestyle of many renowned writers worldwide, starting from the most famous William Shakespeare to Enid Blyton Ruskin Bond as well as Agatha Christie. I had also become fond of reading through their works to gain specific knowledge about their writing styles, the thoughts that portrayed them, and the method they used specifically to provide the audience with a message they always wanted to deliver.

Undertaking their thoughts and inculcating ideas from their way of styling and the unique method each followed, which always differed from the other one. As a reason for this, there have been significant changes towards improvement in my style of writing that eventually led to a better output of my thoughts whenever I sat with a blank piece of paper and expressed all of my feelings from the situations occurring throughout the day at the end of the day.

This has slowly provided me with the confidence of writing a very first novel for myself that eventually had been providing me with the thoughts of contacting a publisher for the same. This was the first time I realised that I am taking smaller steps towards the bigger dream that I have always had since the time I have been an introvert throughout my whole academic life. Hence, my dream has always been to become a renowned writer through which I can express my thoughts and provide messages, which has not been my cup of tea since childhood.

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