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Is Reading Good For You


For any book reader immersing themselves in a great book can help in making brain come alive. When humans indulge in reading, they are not only improving their memory and empathy but as per research it makes them feel much better and very positive as well. As proven by science, reading has certain amazing health benefits that includes helping to overcome with depression, reducing stress and cutting down the chances of developing Alzheimer’s in the later stage of life. The current study will portray the benefits of reading to humans.


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Reading helps in strengthening human brains:

A large number of research has shown that reading literally helps in changing mind. By using the MRI scans, it is confirmed by researchers that reading comprises of difficult network of circuits and gives signals to brain. With maturity in reading habits, those networks further gets stronger and much sophisticated. A study conducted during the year 2013 showed that researchers made use of MRI scans so that they can measure the effect of reading a novel on brain. The study participants read a novel named Pompeii for little over a time span of nine days. With rising tension in the story line up, more number of areas of brain ignited up with activity.

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The scans conducted on brain showed that all through the activity of reading span and days following that, the connectivity of brain increased, particularly in the somatosensory cortex, there were parts of brains which responded to physical sensations such as movement and pain.

Increases the ability to empathize:

Speaking about the sensing of pain, several research has confirmed that people that are involved in reading of literary fiction such as stories which explore the inner lives of characters have displayed a heightened ability so that they can understand the ability of their fees and beliefs of others. According to the researchers this ability is known as “theory of mind”, a set of skills that is necessary for creating, navigating and maintaining of social relationships. Meanwhile, from a single session of reading literary fiction is not likely to spark any of these feelings. Research have shown that long-term fiction readers generally have an improved theory of mind.

Builds vocabulary:

According to the researchers, students that are involved in reading books on a regular basis beginning at a very young age, generally develops a large vocabularies. The size of vocabularies can certainly influence several areas of their life ranging from getting a good scores on a standardized tests to college admissions and job opportunities. As per the pool conducted by Cengage in 2019, it has shown that 69 percent of the employers are looking forward to hire people that have soft skills such as the ability of communicating effectively. Reading of books is considered as the best method of increasing their exposure to learn new words in actual context.

Helps in preventing age-related cognitive decline:

As per the National Institute of Aging, it recommends that reading of books and magazines on a regular basis is a good way of keeping human minds engaged with something as they grow older. Even though research has proven on a conclusive basis that reading of books helps in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, however studies have shown that seniors that are involved in reading activities and solves problems relating to mathematics each day maintain and enhances their cognitive functions.

The earlier a person develops reading habits, the better it is for them. A study conducted by Rush University Medical Centre in the year 2013 have discovered that people that are involved in mentally stimulating activities all through their lives are very likely to develop plagues, lesions, and tau-protein tangles are noticed in the brains of people that have dementia.


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Reduction in stress:

As per the group of researchers in the year 2009, they measured the effects of yoga, humour and reading on students stress level under a demanding health science programs in United States. The discoveries of study stated that reading for 30 minutes helps in lowering blood pressure, heart rate and psychological distress feelings which was similarly effective as yoga and humour did.

According to the authors on certain occasions constraints are considered as one of the highly frequently cited reasons for higher level of stress that is reported by health science students. Just 30 minutes of any of these activities can be effortlessly included in their schedule without diverting large chunk of time from their studies.    

Helps in alleviating depression symptoms:

Reading of fiction can help humans to escape on a temporary basis from their own world and be carried into an imaginary experiences of characters. While non-fiction books is helpful in teaching humans with strategies that might help in managing symptoms. This has eventually resulted the UK’s National Health Service to start “Reading Well” a book based on prescription program, where the medical experts recommends the self-help books curated by medical experts particularly for certain conditions.


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Reading is helpful in real life:

According to the discoveries made by researcher they have stated that reading about the characters doing something are very likely to actually to do those activities in their real life as well. This implies that the readers are much inclined to ask their employer for a raise or complete that list of activities that they are meant to get. Identifying the characters in book can also help in experiencing the kind of actual life experience an individual would experience with an actual life person. This implies that an individual can recognize people that are very shy if they read about the shy characters.


On a conclusive note, reading is very good humans. As per the research regularly reading helps in improving the connectivity of brain, increases the vocabulary and comprehension. Reading helps humans to empathize with the other person and helps in reducing stress. Furthermore, a good reading habits helps in reducing the blood pressure, helps in fighting depression and contributes to a healthier longer life.

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