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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacations has always been one of my favourite time of the year as we get two complete months of vacation and a lot of time to play and learn new things. Usually I spent my summer vacation either by going to my grandparents home or to any tourist destination as the span of holidays is quite long. However this time we decided to do something productive.  I have always been very interested to explore a new activities or discovering any new talent which I have. As in this Covid-19 pandemic it was not must safe to travel hence in this summer vacation I decided to stay back at home and learn a new thing which was Yoga. Yoga and meditation are the two things that I have always wanted to learn but to the constant academic pressure and work commitments I could not pursue the same. It is not just about developing physical fitness but also about the mental well being which Yoga and meditation actually brings for the body. Our essay writing service helps you to complete your essay.

I have some knowledge of meditation and yoga as we had some sessions in our school but it was for a very short period with just the basics and we did not continue the practice. Hence in this summer vacation I enrolled for an online yoga and meditation class were we would practice power yoga with meditation sessions. Initially this decision was not an easy one because when I was deciding to go for such classes all my friends either where travelling to their grandparents’ home or just chilling in their homes, relaxing eating junk food and watching movies. However I was quite sure about what I wanted and with no further delay with 3 days of my summer vacation I got enrolled in these online sessions.  In this times of pandemic when we all are restricted at home, where there is no going to school or at play the whole amount of physical activity has tremendously reduced due to which I personally feel that I am getting lethargic and lazy. All day sitting in front of the laptop screen is definitely affecting my health.  I also understood this fact that this home isolation and complete absence of social interaction with friends, going on picnics or group studying is making me feel low all the time. Putting all this together I understood that the best way to beat this boredom as well as benefit by mind and body is to join this yoga and meditation sessions. Finally my classes started and initially it was no doubt quite difficult to adjust all of it together.  The whole point behind choosing this as my way of spending this summer vacation was to bring the much needed discipline in my everyday lifestyle which somewhere got affected amidst this pandemic. If you need research essay services then visit us.

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This power yoga and meditation classes not only allowed me to understand the necessity of stay fit psychically but also realise the power of positive thinking which can only be initiated through maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle.  Altogether it was indeed a very new yet very enjoyable experience for me. In these online classes I also came across a group of four other learners amongst which three where of my age and the other one was a little senior.  Yet we definitely worked a team and I made new friends in this whole process. The whole session of Yoga and meditation generally took 1.5 to 2 hours and personally I enjoyed it all through. Initially it was very difficult to get all the proper postures and I felt less confident to try it in front of all the other students but the trainer was extremely supportive as he took special care to motivate me and help me initially break the ice. I overcame this hesitation within one week of starting the class and then I started to enjoy it. The class was generally in the morning while the meditation was in the evening. My whole summer vacation was completely dedicated towards these learning and by the end of my summer vacation I was definitely in love with yoga and practicing meditation. This change in lifestyle was definitely not a temporary one hence I decided to continue it even after my summer vacations ended.  It was initially a bit difficult to adjust it with my regular classes but gradually it all fell into place. Personally I understood the differences in my attitude, my level of patience and improvement in all overall mental health which meditation had brought in. My anxiety issues reduced quite largely and coming to my physical fitness I not only lost some kilos but my body became much more flexible and the whole feel good factor was definitely worth remembering. I was very pleased with the decision which I took and how I kept myself motivated all throughout the journey when many of my friends often did not encourage me to continue with these. I have to mention that my parents and specially my trainer who was extremely supportive which actually helped me achieve the best result. If you are looking for rate my paper tool then contact us.

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Once my summer vacation ended and I had to rejoin my school, the online classes started and our professors asked each one of us regarding how we had spent our summer vacation. When I spoke about my journey of choosing to opt for yoga and meditation I was largely praised by my professors who appreciated me for being so aware about oneself and choosing to do something productive in this vacation time. I was extremely pleased with all the appreciation and encouragement that I got from all my teachers and I also showed them some yoga postures that I had learnt in all these classes. My professor advised every student to practice some of these which were absolutely the basics at home and also said me to guide all my classmates in doing the same. Altogether I can definitely say that this summer vacation was indeed a very different one and I am very happy with the choice that I made regarding how it spend it fruitfully.

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