Gender discrimination essay

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Gender Discrimination Essay

Gender discrimination, also termed sexual discrimination, is any action that forfeits any privilege or opportunity to one or more people based on their gender. The convention of allowing any person any benefit with regards to gender is gender discrimination. This discrimination is generally done against women all over the world. Gender discrimination is a burning issue for many years, and at present, people are strongly raising their voices against such activities. These discriminations are seen in every industry sector from education, sports, health, law and various other spheres. Men are continually given preference over women and are considered weak. This is one of the main reasons why crimes, especially sexual crimes, are more targeted at women than men. The essay will shine a light on the acute and persistent issue of gender discrimination and portray how gender discrimination has affected women's lives and have degraded the quality of the society we reside in. The world at present is rapidly transforming in every sector because of globalization, yet gender discrimination prevails.

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The society that we reside in is highly patriarchal, and discrimination is common in all the communities. Women are found to be dependent on men throughout their lives, starting from father to their son. Although gender equality is being rapidly promoted, there are many instances where the innate mentality of women being weaker than men is held relevant. Men's physical strength is considered powerful and thus allows them to hold the dominant side of society, and women are considered fit for household works and increasing family. In various developing countries, the situation of women is worse, and they are not allowed to be provided with primary education, health care facilities like the men of the same society. Gender prejudice is seen since childhood where the boys and girls are put forward distinct gender norms and are expected to act according to the societal norms. Child marriage was a kind of gender-based violence where young girls were married to double or triple their age. Although child marriage is banned in India, there are many remote areas where this ritual is still followed. Due to the degrading outlook of society towards women being weak, they have to experience violence like honour killing, female infanticide, forced prostitution, rape and other serious crimes. Refugee children have been found much more vulnerable to the wrath of gender discriminations harassment. It is found in the UNICEF reports that gender disparities are found very less in early childhood. The reports mentioned that females have to put up with societal discrimination with time as they grow. It is read that one out of three girls undergoes genital mutilation in the past thirty years.


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Gender discrimination is vividly found in the workplace in every country. Women of the 21st century actively participate in every industry sector and desire a bright career and a strong position in the employed company. Women are working hard to change the perspective of the society where women were thought o be weak. Women are standing erect in every position and sector of the industry. However, it is seen that women are still stereotyped. They are expected to cook meals, do the laundry, manage their household and children, and manage their careers and other activities. Offices are more found to undertake indirect discrimination towards women. This means that they are not generally considered for senior management posts and are provided with a lower salary than the men of the same company even though they hold the same qualifications and expertise. Women are provided roles and positions that offer fewer rewards and lower chances to progress in their careers. Economists have explained that discrimination is done on the belief that women cannot provide the same productivity as men in the same job and are not fit to work under certain roles. However, there are also cases where women are favoured over men and are referred to as reverse discrimination. In various cases, men are falsely claimed to have sexually offended or discriminated against their female colleagues. The justice system, in such cases, tends to believe in the statement provided by the women. These lead to various difficulties in the case of men.


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People have to strongly stand against this mindset of gender discrimination and access policies that can address these burning issues. At present, gender discrimination is strictly prohibited by every human rights treaty. Federal and state laws work together to protect people from cases of discrimination and inequalities. In Canada, the country has prohibited discrimination of a person based on gender. In a research survey, it is found that 94% of the participants now acknowledge that women must be provided with similar rights as men. Parents of the present century strive to allow their daughters to gain the similar education provided to their sons. Governments have brought up policies that provided free education for girls and scholarships to girls who wish to study further in their lives. The concept of gender equality needs to be widely spread amongst people. The influential media can play a vital part in this position, and help activist gets a platform to confront the rapid gender stereotyping issues. The countries must attain strict enforcement of laws against gender-based employment. Moreover, companies must include gender- equality policies in their work objectives, and authorities must monitor that the policies are efficiently adhered to by all the employees and the senior management themselves. Increased funding of the government towards female education programs and providing facilities to women can independently lead their lives and are not stereotyped with the norms of the primitive society.


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Thus, it is seen that gender discrimination, no matter against men or women, is ethically wrong and needs to be put to an end. People should be discriminated against according to their talent s and not in any other cases. Individuals, organizations and the government are making improvements for women, but there are yet many sectors that require special considerations to seek the necessary remedies against the unfair processes undertaken by the society.

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