Essay on my hobby

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Essay On My Hobby

A hobby is a way that helps us in finding productive use of our free time and indulges ourselves in activities that provide us with some happiness and joy. It allows us to do something fun and allow us to learn many new skills. There are so many varieties of activities that can be chosen as a hobby by any individual, and once we can identify our hobby, we can enjoy the new skill learnt and make it an intrinsic part of our lives. Having a hobby is necessary as it makes us possess an extra skill other than our academics and allows us to teach anybody this skill. As every day is full of work stress or any other stress, having a hobby allows us to take our minds off the stress and relax and enjoy doing the hobby. Having a hobby also means learning a new thing that requires patience. Thus, having a hobby built a new characteristic in our lives that will be useful in other spheres of life. Having another person who has the same hobby allows us to socialize ad bond together and increase our confidence in perfecting the skills. New techniques or new information can be gathered about the skill. These will help increase our knowledge and provide us with a new perspective on the skill and information.

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It is not necessary that an individual must have a single hobby. I have indulged myself in varying hobbies since childhood. In this essay, I will briefly discuss all my hobbies and then focus on my favourite hobby, amongst which I spent most of my spare time. When I was a child, I enjoyed cooking and spending hours watching cooking shows on the television. I have also tried cooking various dishes from different cuisines. Cooking provided a sense of relaxation to me from all the stress of school, subject syllabus and examinations. Cooking had formed such an important aspect that I had also tried to make cooking into my profession for the future. Another hobby that I had indulged myself in was playing chess. I had a friend in the neighbourhood who too was interested in chess, and we would play together and enjoy our Sunday evenings playing chess. However, the hobby was not long-lived, and then I undertook my favourite hobby- gardening.

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My favourite hobby is gardening. I spend most of my leisure time in the gardens interacting with plants and gaining knowledge about the new techniques that can flourish my garden and plant various new species of plants. I feel man has an innate liking towards garden as Adam and Eve were both gardeners who had met in the Garden of Eden. I am fortunate to have a sufficient amount of land in front of my house to pursue my hobby to my heart's content. I have planted varieties of vegetables, flowers and a few fruit trees. There are two sections in my garden- one side has all the vegetable plants planted and the other side consists of all the flowers planted. The vegetables that are planted in my garden are carrots, radish, brinjal, chillies and tomatoes. The flowers section includes jasmine, rose, carnation, dahlia, lilies, marigold, hibiscus and a few others. Among these flowers, I have atleast two to three species of each kind of flower that add to my garden's vibrancy. When the flowers are blooming, my garden looks like a giant bouquet with various flowers of different colours and each with their exhilarating odour. The fruit trees of my garden are yet small hence have not bore any fruits yet. The plants that I have planted are banana, mango and guava.


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As my garden is so colourful, many birds are seen on the fruit-bearing trees, and their chirping sound adds harmony to my garden's beauty. However, many birds like crows and parrots destroy the flower buds and damage my plants. Hence, I need to keep an eye at times and monitor my plants. Gardening keeps my mind fresh, and as it needs labour to maintain the garden and the plants like watering, cutting, weeding, digging and grafting, it also includes a physical exercise for the body. Many of my friends come to my house and appreciate my garden and encourage me to plant more varieties of flowers, and provide me ideas that can enhance my garden's look. When I am busy at work, my parent helps me in catering the garden and maintain its beauty. I have purchased a collection of books on gardening to be educated about the correct ways of developing my hobby. I also consult with the local market gardener and ask him about the seeds and how they can be maintained, and which fertilizers must be used to save the plants from diseases. I get very tensed when my plants turn yellow or are not growing properly. Gardening has, with time, become an essential  part of my life, and it inspires me to develop patience and be diligent towards the work to get satisfying results. I find gardening to be as pure as praying to God as there is peace, beauty, calmness and purity inclined to it, and these features associate me with God.


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I believe I have yet many things to learn about gardening, and in future, I wish to enlarge my garden and incorporate various unique species of plants and vegetables to make my garden one of a kind. Gardening motivated me and helped me relax, forgetting all the stress related to work or other aspects. I am thrilled when I am gardening, and having my parents help me in my hobby adds to the pleasure. I have set up garden lights to add to the beauty of my garden, and I am looking for various other tactics that can make my garden look attractive. Studies have reported that gardening also reduces the likelihood of Vitamin D deficiency and keep the brain and body healthy. I am happy that I have indulged myself in this hobby, and I believe everyone should indulge themselves in a hobby to spend a relaxed time every day.

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