Essay on Disaster management

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Disaster Management Essay

Disaster management denotes saving and protecting as many properties as possible and lives while a manufactured disaster or natural disaster. It contains a multi-faceted character

which is connected with various issues such as hurricanes, fires, floods, drought, earthquakes and landslides. These disasters are considered a massive scale of loss of property and lives responsible for damaging all things. Disaster management is a process where it is taught the rescue procedure and mitigates the harm caused by a disaster. In India, various institutions have been associated with disaster management. NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) is a famous disaster management company. It is a tough process as it must take precautionary measures to combat the adverse situation timely. Disaster management is a procedure of development that deals with many obstacles occurring by both man and nature. Usually, disasters mainly depend on changing atmosphere, a geographical location that is very important to know about the place, how prone and which type of calamity affected the particular area so that it is possible to take various precautions to save lives from adverse and emergency conditions.

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The word 'Disaster' emerged from the middle French word "Desstre". This French word is originated from the ancient Greek word "Dus", which refers to "Aster" and "Bad". But the root of the word comes from a sense of astrology of disaster blamed according to the position of various planets.

Classification of disasters

It can be categorized into two disasters like Natural disasters and artificial disasters

Natural disasters depend on geographical locations, changing of atmosphere that is unfavourable to the living, and the consequences of the earth's process naturally. A natural disaster damages the lives of humans, animals, all animated things, and property. Cyclones, floods, tsunami, earthquakes and droughts are natural disasters that occur naturally. This disaster is also responsible for huge damage to the economy. Manufactured disasters are contradictory to natural disasters. Manufactured calamities are the ramifications of hazards technologically. Nuclear explosions, fires, terrorist attacks, transport accidents, war and oil spills all are included in this category.

The important parts of Disaster management

There are three valuable parts in disaster management-

  • Pre- Disaster management

It means the process of rescue before the calamity strikes. The major motto of this part of management is reducing the loss and damage of human life, animals and all living things and other species. This disaster management includes the improvement of disaster assessment, information technology, issuance of awarding to the people with the help of media, radio, television, and the net. This management has also served as a helping line using mobilization for essential action and a safe place for the particular disaster-prone area.

  • Management while disasters

It is the second phase of disaster management that is contingent on the pre-disaster management process. It might depend on management's active action to rescue the victims from that adverse situation and calamity and transform them to secure shelters. Thus, management food, clothes, water, health facilities, and shelter are served to provide a suitable situation to aggrieved people.

  • Post-disaster management

 It is the last phase of disaster management. Redevelopment and reconstruction of the disaster-prone areas are included. The victims are provided employment, rehabilitation, and compensation to assist the affected people in getting back.


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NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority)

Disaster management is the main motto to coordinate the affected people due to artificial and natural calamities. This disaster management was introduced in 2005 by the Indian government. This agency is a form of guidelines, framing policies and coordinating with SDMAs (State Disaster Management Authorities) for the sake of a dispersed, holistic approach to this famous disaster management.

Central Water Commission (CWM)

The commission is responsible for coordinating, initiating, and furthering the advice for the government of state while calamity strikes. It is responsible for the utilization, conservation, and control of water resources for navigation, irrigation, flood control, and pure water supply for drinking.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

It is the topmost organization, formulation, and endorsement in the field of biomedical research. It is founded through the imminent Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Health Research with the help of the Indian government.


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National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)

The famous centre of ISRO (Indian Space Research Centre) assists in getting information from satellite and aerial resources.

The people cannot ignore disaster, and they always must be prepared for calamity in future. To protect humans, animals, birds and other species, the latest technologies, equipment are essential. These have a great influence over the lives of plants, humans, and other living things to save them. Atmosphere, geographical features are changing day today. So, it is the foremost duty for the disaster management to supervise the affected areas, select disaster-prone areas, categorize the places according to the type of calamity and neatly take strong and accurate precautions during pre-disaster, during disaster and post-disaster stage to help the victims and safe them from this calamity occurred owing to geographical changes like flood, drought, earthquake, tsunami and so on. According to this essay, the author suggested that the efficient management of responsibilities and resources assist in minimizing the effect of the disaster on the animated things. It is associated with a well and perfect plan to reduce the danger responsible for the minimum calamity effectively. It is important to develop disaster resistance technology. Everybody must know that disaster management does not eliminate calamity, but it helps decrease disaster. Proper disaster management is successful when the people are concerned about disaster and give precautions during emergencies.  During earthquakes, the men should take shelter in a building and lay down under a table or bed. Thus, the NDMA requires an effective organization that actively serves its best effort to mitigate, lessen the damage, loss caused by artificial and natural disasters. In this issue, the help of the government plays a significant role. All men should know the basic precautions to save their lives during any disaster. Thus, a lot of vegetation, life can be saved surely.

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