Cyber bullying essay

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Cyber Bullying Essay

The name suggests that cyber bullying is a type of bullying that is done using digital techniques and technologies. It generally occurs in social media, messaging platforms and other digital platforms. This activity is done repeatedly, and the people behind aim to scare or shame the targetted individual. Confrontational bullying and digital bullying are similar because the latter leaves a digital footprint that can e used as a shred of evidence against the bullying. The wide usage of social media, posts, photos, and shared content is viewed by strangers, friends, and family. The content that is shared forms a public record of the views, activities and behaviour. Cyberbullying harms the online reputation of an individual by harassing them using various strategies. As digital systems offer continuous communication, people are constantly experiencing the wrath of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is generally limited to children and teenagers, raising to cyber harassment and cyberstalking for adults. This essay will shine a light on this relevant topic of the digital world which has immense psychological effects on teenagers and may lead to cybercrimes and other grave instances.

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Cyberbullying can take many forms, like sending obscene messages r images to a person, threatening an individual or publicly exposing private messages or any sensitive information about an individual or making fun of a person with some of their unfriendly information. Cyberbullying has been widespread for various reasons like- as the bully can remain anonymous, they can easily take advantage of the situation and post whatever they wish without getting caught. Bullys are generally found to be instigators who involve many people into the bully who would not have indulged in such cases in real life. Digital technology has provided a convenient opportunity for the bully to make victims suffer without being caught or exposed. Cyberbullies generally create fake accounts and harass their potential victims. The cyberbullying affected age group is between 12 to 18 years. Young teenagers are attracted to the new glamour of social media and celebrity accounts. According to reports, 95% of teenagers are connected to the internet, and 85% use social media platforms. These bullies take advantage of such situations, creating false social media profile accounts and persuading youngsters to follow their demands. The youngsters get attracted to talking to strangers and tend to do as said, and later if they hesitate or deny their requests, the bullies harass them with threats and abusive messages and images. This affects the psychological balance of the victims, and many tend to take drastic steps to get rid of the situation. Many known people like friends or classmates bully each other on social media sites and harass the victim face-to-face and in the cyber world.


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Cyberbullying has escalated the amount of distress and frustration within the victims. Continuous bullying at times drift the children away from their family and build a high level of low self-esteem. The victim tends to isolate themselves from everyone and in future may lead to depression and anxiety. Many victims also indulge in harmful drugs and alcohol that worsen their physical state and mental stability. There have been cases where the victims have eloped from their houses to stay away from cyberbullying or refrain from social media sites to escape the torment of the bullies. There are many reasons why people cyberbully- some of the bullies have themselves faced such scenarios and find it normal to continue the deed, few people have fun in distressing people of weaker minds or take revenge on any issue by disgracing them over social media.  Many bullies at times continue cyber-bullying to validate their popularity and make these bullied dominant. Generally, society is against cyberbullying actions and believe that they should not be accepted for any reason. Yet, the number of cyberbullying cases have not decreased on social media platforms. The tendency of bullying has gone into cyberbullying, where the audience is broad. With the facility of being anonymous, the bully can harass or humiliate a person to their heart's content. The lack of empathy and compassion amongst the children in the present century leads to cyberbullies and harassing their potential prey. The effect of cyberbullying is not limited to psychological but also reflects on the victim's physical health. Researchers have reported that many victims attempt suicide and show harmful impacts on the brain and may have permanent effects for life.


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According to reports, India has been recorded to have the highest numbers of children victimized by the effects of cyberbullying since 2018, with Brazil and the United States taking the following two places, respectively. More than 37% of the parents have found their kids victimized by cyberbullying. As the effects of cyberbullying are getting intense, many countries have presented laws against cyberbullying offences. Schools, universities are asked to address these laws on their premises and reduce the frequency of cyberbullying cases. Parents need to be teaching internet safety at an early age to their kids. When exposed to the vast world of social media, they are trained and educated regarding the various techniques that the cyberbullies adopt harras their victim. Parents must create such an environment with the children to come up to them when they face such cyberbullying instances. Educators must instil in the children the various ways that cyberbullying may hamper mental stability and teach how these cyberbullies can be further reported. The school, parents, or the kaw can undertake strict actions against them.


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Thus, it is seen that cyberbullying is a severe issue, and the victim has to pass through a horrific mental state while overcoming these harassments. Law enforcement officers need to be highly proactive in investigating such situations to bring the culprit under custody and save many potential victims from the effects of cyberbullying. The children must be thoroughly educated about the correct norms of using social media. If a child is already a victim of cyberbullying, then help from a counsellor can assist the victim in coming out of this situation in a better state of mind. Individuals must not align towards becoming cyberbullies as it has damaging results on individuals and, in some cases, fatal consequences.

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