Essay on Consequences of Global Warming

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Consequences Of Global Warming

Global warming is no more an unknown term to humankind. The prolonged heating effect of the earth can be termed global warming. The phenomenon of global warming has started in 1850 and has been worsening with time. Humans greatly contribute to the rise of global warming without realizing the harmful effects on humankind if proper preventive measures are not undertaken. The main cause of global warming is the burning of excess fossil fuels, the extraction of poisonous gas into the air, increased deforestation, and many others. All these factors increase the number of harmful gases or better termed as greenhouse gases, in the air. These gases can trap heat within the atmosphere of the earth and increase temperature. With the temperature rise, the climate around is unstable and changes steadily and constantly. This is a threatening factor bringing great threat to all living beings.

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Many researchers have mentioned that the changing climate must not be feared because as the weather gets warmer, it will result in a long growing season, and with immense rainfalls, the plants will get enough water, and short winter seasons will reduce the crop failure risks. Thus the economy will benefit from such changing weather. However, climate change will effectively hit the basic elements of life that man requires.  In the year 2020, the earth's surface temperature has risen by 0.98 Celsius degrees, and the temperatures for the past few years have been consistently the hottest in all the years. This increment in temperature will lead to a decrease in ice caps, an increase in seas, and floods, storms, and droughts. The largest producer of Co2 emissions in the world is China, emitting around 30% of the total global emission and is near twice the gas emitted by the United States.


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Although the amount of temperature being increased may seem smaller, the consequences of the rise of such temperatures are massive. The ice caps melting in the arctic is a vivid result of global warming. These melted ice caps increase the volume of oceans and lead to frequent floods in the low-lying and coastal planes. Researchers have found out that if the number of emissions is not monitored and reduced or changes with alternative environmental fuels, more than 75% of the standing glaciers will melt by the year 2100. It is also seen that the oldest and the thickest ice glaciers of the Arctic have already melted due to global warming emissions.  The Arctic region is monitored to have been warming 10% more than the last decade, resulting in tremendous hurricanes and storms on the whole planet. The oceans are getting warmer, and the factory acid wastes are getting discharged in this water are becoming acidic.  The changing acidity level of the ocean is seen to be occurring 10%faster than in the past 300 million years ago. The acidic water results in coral bleaching and affects the marine life of the seas and oceans. It will also affect the growth and reproduction of the species, and this alteration in the ecosystem will put food security at risk and bring a drastic loss to the fisheries industry. The risk of erosion is another factor that will come into play due to the rise of global warming and will affect the disaster control efforts of the people. The constant climate changes, along with the frequent intense rains, are causing soil erosion, erosion in rivers and streams and affecting the water quality along with the drinking water availability.

Every year a new highest temperature record is being set, and thus it can be understood that the temperature of the earth will be ferocious in the coming years. Forest fires due to the immense heat of the sun have destroyed many forests and animal life. The most relevant example was in 2020 when massive forest fires were seen in Australian bushfires. 12% of the populations of Koalas were dead in the fire. Along with it, many human lives were at stake due to the air pollution caused by the wildfires, which continued from January till March. The year 2020 itself witnessed 58950 wildfires in a year, which estimates the drastic results that global warming has set upon the world. These forest fires increase an immense amount of carbon dioxide that affects the lives of human beings.


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Earth is a planet that encompasses an enormous variety of species of animals and plants. Many species have already been extinct, and many are on the brink of extinction due to the rise of global warming. Reports have confirmed that by the year 2050, if severe preventive measures are not undertaken, one-third of the Earth species will be extinct and would catastrophically reduce the planet's biodiversity. Countries and organizations are coming together to plan initiatives that will minimize the loss of species due to climate change. Species like freshwater molluscs, a variety of florals, sharks,–sixth of birds and various other species will head towards extinction due to the effects of global warming. The constant climate change is accelerating the process of extinction. A study by the Department of Agriculture in the US has found that the number of bees has decreased a lot, which is an alarming concern. The bees are an important factor in pollination, and a reduction in their count will affect many species of crops as 71%of bees pollinate the total number of crop species.


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Thus, it is seen that global warming has a catastrophic impact on the whole world, initiating with plants, animals, and humankind. Adaptation and mitigation procedures must be introduced to control the effects of global warming. Alternative energy sources must be availed such that the harmful Co2 emissions produced can be contained. Limiting the usage of fossil fuels is another initiative that the industries must use. Recycling, eradicating deforestation and preparing different policies that educate the people about global warming are of extreme importance. Using these alternative humans can try to acknowledge their wrongdoings and rectify them by controlling the factors that lead to this havoc.

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