College Life Essay Example

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College Life

College is the new stepping stone in every student's life. A great set of memories and experiences are created in college. Every person turns into an adult in college, takes serious decisions on their career destinations, and gets encouraged to do something worthwhile in life and change society. College life is the transition years of a person who turns from children to young adults and starts developing the need for responsibilities. Students gather unforgettable experiences in these years. College life holds a panorama of experiences besides education. Every student dreams of college life when they are in school as it assists us to confront the various skills of life. It is a combination of thrills, enjoyment, hard work, struggles and other ventures of life. Not every person is lucky enough to enjoy this stage of life due to financial or other personal issues. This essay will provide an insight into the college life of a student and point out the various changes that occur in their life. Using rate my paper tool at

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The duration of college life is much shorter than school life. Half of our academic life is present in school, whereas, in college, we spend a maximum of four to five years depending on the course we have chosen to pursue for our future. There is an ocean of streams for every student to choose from and study the subject in depth for future jobs or higher studies. Many students party and indulge themselves solely in fun activities. In contrast, some students devote themselves to studies to pave their career path and be ready to join the corporate world. School and college life has a considerable variation. In school, we have learnt things in a protective, shelled environment, whereas in college, we are exposed to new challenges, and nothing is spoon-fed to us. Relationships with teachers are not more strictly formal. The students are treated as adults, and the whole tenure of college allows us to mingle with the unique environment of adult life. However, college outlook may seem very bright and casual due to the portrayal of web series or movies. Still, the reality is a little different and can be understood once a student enters the gates of the college.  You might check an academic writing service that helps.

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Understood the student enters the gates of the college

As everyone in college is treated as adults, the decisions are to be constantly taken by one, and the consequences too have to be dealt with by one. Students take time to adapt to new situations. In many courses, it has been seen that the pressure of studies is too high, due to which many have dropped college for failing to cope up with the constant pressure and responsibilities to provide efficient results. When students take new admissions, they are scared of dealing with the new environments and are also excited to be a part of these new surroundings. Ragging had always been a point on which school students have been terrified.

Moreover, there have been many cases where ragging has led to the death of students. Colleges have presently banned the ragging system undertaken by the college seniors trying to bully the newcomers physically and mentally. Colleges have now formed anti-ragging committees to monitor these issues, and strict actions are taken if any such cases have come forward. Seniors plan welcome programs for the new joiners and include them wholeheartedly into their circle. You might access are free academic tools for all solutions

College events, picnics and college fests are another high point of a student's life. Inter-college events, college fests and various other events hold tremendous excitement for a student. Every year the colleges organize annual fests, and  students express their talents on the stage. Celebrities are booked for the event days, and the students get a chance to meet and watch their celebrity stars perform for them. Many students get great exposure to their hidden talents other than academic expertise. During the school years, many students are not allowed to leave their houses for trips. College field trips allow these adventurous additions to a student's life and encompass numerous future memories. Many students stay in the hostel during their college days as they have to leave their cities to get admission to the college of their choice. Staying in an unknown city is another addition to the experiences that college life brings to many students. This is a chance where students gain the perspective of responsibility and learn to handle their issues themselves. Many students also apply for part-time jobs or internships to enrich their CV with work experiences that can help them showcase their talents during future job interviews. Students also start small business ideas with their friends from the college rooms, and many such ideas have worked efficiently and provided great profits to the students. You might check essay assignment help service 

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Politics new room exposed to the students during college years

Politics is a new room that is exposed to the students during their college years. Many students actively participate in election duties and form college unions to raise their voices for their moral beliefs towards any subject. Many colleges participate in political rallies in a country like India and hold an essential stand in canvassing and political campaigns. Many young leaders are cultivated from their college days, and they turn towards serving the country and bringing a change in the system by joining politics. College exams are yet another important event in a student's life. These exams analyze the development of a student's academics and rate them accordingly. Failing a college exam leads to the loss of a year, which may be troublesome for the future. The end of college life is the end of a golden period of life after which many students apply for jobs, and others move forward to attain higher studies and specialization in their chosen subjects. Thus, it can be said that although college life brings a lot of excitement and memories in a student's life, it is also a stage filled with immense duty and responsibility. It is the base that helps in forming the future. Hence, students must maintain a balanced life during the college years and indulge in academic and fun events of the college. There is another tool essay writer you must check it

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