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Essay On Blood Donation Day

Blood donation refers to the ethical values of the people. It is a practice where the moral character is given importance to the people who donate blood for other persons. This blood assists the sick people who suffer various diseases like hypertension, diabetes to improve their health.  In the human body, blood is the foremost needy fluid of the human body that functions smoothly in the human body. If it is seen as a lack of blood at an extreme level in the human body, men must face many problems badly and even die. It can be said that a blood donation camp is a live securing process that assists the people. Blood donation indeed reveals humanity where man forgives their creed, caste, religion and so on and forward for helping the sick people.


It can be said that blood donation has excellent value and enormous benefits for society and the people. The necessity of blood has a different reason like illness, accident and so on.  Blood operates all the work of the human body. Without blood, it is impossible to survive because blood assists to carry oxygen, food, and other essential elements to every part of the human body so that people can live healthy and fresh. Blood is the main factor of the human body that is considered as the oxygen of the heart. It helps to recover from critical situations. Blood donation camp does not show personal gestures; it is, for all, a contribution to society. Besides, the blood donation process assists in enhancing the donor’s health. It helps to produce blood that keeps the body fresher. This process revitalizes different parts of the human body that enhance the improvement of health. A single donation of blood assists three people. Thus, blood donation helps millions of people and gives a new life, gives an optimistic hope for ill people that is very important to those people and acts as a positive reinforcement that assists in awakening living power. Since your assignments determine your overall grades, you cannot submit a half-baked assignment. From conducting detailed research to putting the gathered information in the correct format – get the best academic essay writing services in the USA for it all.

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On the other hand, blood donation directly helps blood banks to give more accessible services by keeping blood available. Men are widely dependable on blood banks during their critical criticizes. So, it is significant to have various blood groups so that no person is deprived of their services and not responsible for the death of people. For this purpose, each man has to come forward and help the blood bank donate blood more to assist people. Blood donation is essential, and it also knows about the donor’s body, health. Through this camp, the people are aware of the importance of blood donation camp and giving blood. A blood donation needs a health check-up primarily. As a result, the donor gets an accurate diagnosis, and after donating blood, the donor is given healthy food to recover from donating blood. This process assists in getting knowledge about cholesterol, hemoglobin, iron and so on. Thus, blood donation camp gives its essential factors to the sick people for the better improvement day by day that must be emphasized everywhere.

Blood factors

Many blood banks are widely dependent on blood donation camps. It is found that it is not easy to get those rare blood groups. So, these categories of people must store their blood in the blood bank for the future to not suffer from blood. It is noticed that the necessity of blood is higher and waits for supply. In this issue, the people must increase their enthusiastic willingness to donate blood effectively to save a life. There are four various types of blood groups as O, B, A and AB. During blood donation camps, there are some principles and procedures that should be maintained for people. It is essential for treatment. This factor is significant during the blood donation process to recall the ‘Rhesus Factor’, which denotes whether blood is negative or positive.

Among the above blood group, O -ve is the rarest group of blood. The people who belong to the blood group O- ve are known as universal donors, it is seen that they lack B and A antigens are empty of Rhesus Factor.  Anyone can take the O-ve blood group.  The people who belong to the AB blood group are known as ‘Universal Recipient’. They lack B and A antibodies for the sake of fighting against B and A antigens. So, these types of blood groups can access blood from any blood group. There are various other factors during blood transfusion because if a mistake or combination like a mismatch, the whole situation turns into a fetal. Blood transfusion is also needed for thalassemia affected people daily.

Donating process

Before donating blood, people need to eat substantial meals and must drink plenty of water. To give certainty about the donor and blood, they are provided with some questionnaires about the donor’s health history. It is organized a private interview before taking this blood donation process. This whole process generally takes 10 minutes. But it sometimes takes more time than before, about 45 minutes, for platelet or plasma donation. After this process, its principal activity is testing of blood for hepatitis B, HTLV I, II, hepatitis A, HIV, and syphilis. Anyone can ask ‘check my paper for plagiarism’ to us to identify potential plagiarism in their work. We are a comprehensive plagiarism checking software which can meet the specified requirements of students, bloggers, SEO-writers, content developers, teachers, and professionals. The needy equipment for this process must be sterile and used once, especially needles, before being discarded. It must complete the whole process with accuracy and within the sucre process.

The motivation of blood donation

It is noticed that there are various motivations for donating blood. Concern about community, extrinsic rewards, humanitarianism, social pressure, and emotional benefit is included in the motivation for giving blood. This motivation is derived from two different types of sources like extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is more substantial than extensive motivation because intrinsic motivation is internal. Spontaneous and natural that engage the people fluently to take challenges or tasks enthusiastically whereas, another motivation named extrinsic motivations are external. Less influential and occur owing to externally environmental influences.

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Intrinsic Motivation

This type of motivation is an instinct that reveals the emotional self-identity of the blood donor. This self-identity helps to extend the performance of individuals playing a particular role in society.  This self-identity emphasizes behaviour that should be benevolent. This type of behaviour shows humanity, moral ethics that is bliss for society and the whole world. After the fifth blood donation, the progress of blood donors is suggested, so the donor gives intrinsically more blood that helps to improve role identity and assists to potential resistant negatives that are responsible for disturbance such as temporary deferrals, inconvenience, and so on. Intrinsic motivations have a significant influence on society. Without this motivation, no blood donation camp would be effective.  

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is not as strong as internal motivation. This type of motivation is less effective as it prefers monetary rewards, there are no emotional issues, they are compelled to give blood by the pressure of society. In this motivation, financial incentives have a positive effect on this camp of blood donation. But the Department of Health and Human Service has decided that there will be no cash incentives and a given allowance instead of voluntary where economic incentives are given as gift cards. This type of motivation is expensive, and sometimes it is found to be inefficient. It exposes the major obstacle with rewards if a man is intrinsically motivated to perform an extrinsic effort and pressure of an outsider. These extrinsic motivations are opposed to tangible. Here social pressure, pressure from outsiders is very effective that expresses the usages of the face-to-face appeal of the donor. It is essential for human development. There is a reminder given to the donor before the exact day of the donation camp and personal contacts to the donor who is eligible for this purpose and given an appointment. There is an opt-out factor where the blood donor gets their next appointment.

It can be said that blood donation day is very significant for the whole society. Lack of sufficient blood it is impossible to live. It is the foremost responsibility of the people to store blood in blood banks for the future. So that the people would not face any problem for deficiency of blood as blood operates various functions of the human body. It sustains essential elements and keeps active cells of the human body. Through campaigning, the people should be aware of the importance of this blood donation camp. For this purpose, motivation is the main factor that reveals the humanity, moral aspects of the donor. It also serves as a good opportunity for helping sick people to ensure a new life and give certainty from getting recovered from illness. The donor also feels satisfaction after giving blood. In a year, two times is enough for blood donation for a donor. It also helps to improve the health condition of sick people and the active production of blood in the donor’s body. Thus, every man must assist in preserving blood in the blood bank to solve blood demand.

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