Essay On Balance is beneficial

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Balance Is Beneficial

In today’s advanced and fast-paced life, maintaining a balance in life is a very challenging task. People are too engrossed in their professional work or household chores and fail to realise the meaning of balance. One way to understand the term ‘balance’ is that it is a state where nothing is in excess and nothing is less; a state of stability is achieved. For instance, while driving, it is crucial to maintain balance in speed. If one forgets to maintain the speed limits, the accident is bound to happen. Similarly, in life, there is a need to maintain mental, physical and spiritual balance. 

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Beneficial impact of balance in life

            Currently, people are living in a demanding world where there is lots of stress. Being too busy in a stressed life further aggravates the situation and makes people prone to fatigue, burnout and anxiety. Apart from emphasising work-life, it is equally important for people to take breaks and achieve a serene state of mind. It is most commonly defined as work-life balance, which is highly desired by employees in their work environment today. In the context of employees, the benefits of maintaining a work-life balance are that it reduces stress and prevents burnout. In an organisation where managers give an adequate break between work, it has been found that they are more productive and healthy. Thus, work-life balance assures productivity as well as good health. The above is one example of the beneficial effects of balance in life. There are various other contexts where people obtain a similar type of benefit.

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            Achieving balance and calmness is equally important for the adolescent's group. Adolescence is a stage when people engage in high risks behaviour. Every activity is intense at this stage and some of the most common risk behaviours exhibited in this stage are sexual activity, substance abuse, cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking. In the absence of any parental supervision or due to peer effect, adolescents often increase the safety limits of these habits. In the case of sexual activity, crossing the limits lead to unplanned pregnancy or risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In the case of adults who over-indulge in substance abuse and cigarette smoking, it has been found that over-dosage contributes to impaired decision-making abilities. Similarly, many adolescents often exceed the speed limits while driving. This form of loss of balance in speed limits contributes to preventable injuries like cuts, burns, scratches and even severe fractures. However, if parents are proactive in balancing adolescent’s behaviour, the likelihood of all the above behaviours can be reduced. The tendency to take risks is also influenced by factors like age, behavioural inhibition and impulsiveness. Reward or disciplining could be the way to self-regulate people’s behaviour.

            Another example of a good and balanced life is that of a working woman who balances her professional role and the role of a wife and a mother at home. Some women strive a lot to achieve that balance and plan accordingly. If they do not fail to balance their work and personal life, it is associated with strained family relationships or poor performance at work. However, self-motivation and an individual’s willpower allow them to succeed in both personal and professional life. For females, managing work-life balance is particularly burdensome. They require additional effort than males to achieve the same. However, they can achieve the positive benefits of work-life balance by preparing some action plans. For example, some of the activities that she can engage in for a healthy work-life balance are the acknowledgment of feelings and practising self-compassion. Apart from her daily routine, women should take some time out for themselves and their self-care. For instance, women can prioritise one particular day in a month or weeks for their relaxation. Another strategy that they can adopt is to create a structured and flexible schedule and delegating household tasks to other members of the family to reduce some workload burden. Moreover, it is also critical to stay connected with friends and family members despite a busy work schedule. It helps to maintain good mental health and such women are happy as well as highly productive.


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Conclusion - 

            From the discussion so far, it has been found that work-life balance is associated with many important benefits such as improve work productivity, positive relationships, health and well-being, efficiency, productivity, increased social life and more time for self-care. However, being healthy or maintain balance does not happen overnight. It requires gradual changes in the right direction. People should make honest efforts to achieve that balance and try to inculcate the same discipline to their children. It is important to start with a clear mind and list all activities that people love to enjoy. It can ensure people make room for activities they enjoy. Another approach by which people can start is to achieve goals that assist them in gaining a positive mindset. Apart from professional goals, one can sit and reflect on what people want to achieve in life. Focusing on eating the right and balanced food is also the key as every human need healthy and nutritious food. It is crucial for functioning and development. Eating a balanced amount of food ensures maintaining an adequate level of energy for other work activities too.  

            To conclude, the essay summarised many important benefits of balance for people at different stages of life. For employees, achieving balance was associated with improved productivity, decrease in stress and burnout. In addition, for adolescents, achieving balance was associated with a reduction in risk-taking behaviour and avoiding adverse consequences such as accidents, injuries and overdosing. Moreover, for females, balancing work and family responsibilities was associated with better family dynamics, increased social relationships and good mental health. Thus, there is no doubt that balance has many important benefits for an individual. Every individual should make an effort to understand the purpose of their life and according take measures to realise their aspirations and goal in life. It will help them to yield many important benefits in the long run.

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