Advantages of mobile phone essay

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Advantages Of Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is basically a portable device, which can specifically be used for receiving calls as well as communicating with individuals over a typical frequency of the radio, while the individual user is moving with the device through an area, which contains signals related to the telephone. The radio signal frequency carries out the establishment of a connection to the systems for switching belonging to an operator for a mobile phone. This again provides specific access to the existing public switched telephone network (PSTN).

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            Modernised services for telephone make appropriate usage of cellular network architecture as well as mobile telephones are termed as cellular telephones or are termed as cell phones to across the whole of North America. Additionally, digital age mobile phones provide support to a huge nature of services such as the likes of text messaging, Internet access, communications, business applications, digital photography, short-range wireless communication as well as video games. Mobile phones offer advanced computing capabilities that are typically referred to as smartphones. The new age smartphones provide more facilities apart from computing capabilities with social media capabilities, communication facilities as well as marketplace options in particular.

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             With the invention of portable communicating devices in 1917, there has been significant evolution within the device. The increasing evolution has been making the device smaller in size as well as has been enhancing the performance of the same. The industry of mobile phones and relative technology has been undergoing radical alterations and providing the same to the method utilising which the people around the world work, organise, entertain as well as socialise themselves. From the initiation phase of building bulky car phones in the year 1980, mobile phones have undergone changes to specifically become multimedia communication devices having a significant level of computing power visible in multiple desktops for a shorter span. Mobile phones, through their significant evolution, have been providing multiple benefits as advantages to the daily usage done by individuals all over the globe. Some of the advantages have been listed in the following section with appropriate understanding provided for each.          


Mobile phones have been providing various methods to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, as well as with other acquaintances across the world as and when required. Keeping aside the previous forms of communication, the caller can connect to anyone desired through the mobile phone wherever network signal is available.           

Smaller and convenient:

the mobile phones of the modern digital age can easily fit into a pocket or a bag that does not weigh much as well. There is a shared existence of multiple inexpensive models of the same available for individuals with a limited budget for buying mobile phones. The battery of the mobile phones getting low can easily be recharged in the car, plugged into an electrical outlet utilizing a charging cable as well as can also wirelessly charge them in multiple cases.           

Photos and video:

multiple individuals do not specifically own a camera due to the fact that they have their mobile phones, which provide the option of clicking digital images whenever required. The captured media can then be shared through the likes of email, messaging as well as Bluetooth or might as well be posted on the internet in a limited click. In addition to this, many phones also provide the option of editing photos.       has been a premium do my assignment help service provider in the USA for ages.


mobile phones can specifically be used for messaging people and enabling them to communicate with short messages in written form but a digital manner. Initially, SMS services only allowed individuals to send text messages, but the MMS technology has also allowed people to share media through the same phone using their mobile phones. Besides email, the text messaging service is suitable for sending important messages and reminders, which gets transmitted faster than email services.           


having a mobile phone has provided multiple ways of having entertainment through streaming online movies or videos or playing games as and when required. Reading an article online or socialising with people from different parts of the world through social media platforms have also become one of the common forms of entertainment for individuals of the generation.      


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Reminders and notes:

mobile phones provided the option of keeping notes or setting reminders for various important events or important notes, which are difficult to remember but easy to store in notes provided within the mobile phones. The notes can also be stored in the form of videos, audios as well as other file formats supported by the version of the operating system.           

Services related to maps and navigation:

mobile phones have inbuilt features of maps and navigation, allowing individuals to find their way towards a particular destination with the GPS feature enabled within the mobile phones. The GPS also features provisions with an added helping hand for giving updates on roadworks as well as accidents for emergency attention without delay.           

Online banking services:

mobile phones and installed applications allowed individuals to carry out banking transactions through such installed applications and with the help of an active internet connection. Hence, mobile phones have also provided with an enhanced method of carrying out banking transactions sitting back at their home.         

Remote working:

mobile phones have also enabled the provision to work while moving from various locations. This has also provisioned workers as well as managers to stay in contact with their base while travelling from various locations or to carry out communication with the colleagues as well as the clients working specifically from home. This has also made the working conditions easier for multiple employees working in organisations, having provided handy applications installed on the phone to carry out their daily business responsibilities.         


During an accident, gathering emergency help or medical attention has become easy with the invention of mobile phones and relative technologies. This has specifically increased the convenience of gathering help during an emergency stating that the mobile phone can help call doctors or medical attention in no time. This has also greatly improved medical conditions with advanced telecommunication facilities.

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