Informal Essay

Informal Essay

Students are frequently assigned to write various assignments. Some of them are aimed at teaching them a different set of techniques and help them design different sort of assignment projects. However, there is one type of essay that is assigned and written only for enjoyment: ‘Informal Essay’. This type of essay writing, however, do carries some credit points in your academics that you cannot afford to lose. So here is your chance to make yourself knowledgeable about informal essay writing. Let’s start!

Why it is called informal essay?

The author of informal essay requires adopting a tone of intimacy with his/her audience. The essay tends to be concerned with everyday things rather than public affairs or complicated issues in the world. The writing style should be relaxed as if you are conversing with the readers. The aim is to make your readers feel acquainted with your personality, your thoughts, views and convictions. The main difference you find in informal essay writing and other types of essay writing is, it is less rigid compared to other forms of essay writing. It is like having an informal conversation with someone, no boundaries of using words (of course not slangs).

So, this is an ‘informal’ definition of informal essay. Let’s get to know the ‘formal’ things that you need to include in your informal essay writing.

Qualities of informal essay writing

Personal elements:

  • Self-revelation (discuss your private thoughts and feelings)
  • Individual tastes (let your readers know your liking and disliking)
  • Experience (if you are describing a situation, make it more impactful by disclosing your personal account).


  • Sarcasm (play safe with it because written and verbal communication are two different things, you may fail to make your readers understand the underlying meaning of your sentence)
  • Satire (it can be an individual, a type of person, a class, an institution, a nation or even the whole race of man that you can use in informal essay writing. It mainly aims to correct the shortcoming of the society)
  • Parody (do not confuse with satire, it mainly means imitating and overstressing noticeable features of a famous piece of literature, person or anything).

Graceful Style:

  • Quotations (use it in strategically selected moments, in informal writing you can use quotations to make your words more impactful)
  • Figures of speech (metaphors, similes, understatement, overstatement, personification are few types you can use).

Rambling Structure:

  • Narrative (who, what and where are three basic pillars of narrative structure)
  • Conversational (it involves fictional conversations with your fictional characters to make the situation more impactful and engage students in deeper level).


Informal essays often work with ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘we’re’ or words and phrases that we use in everyday talking, colloquialism. As we mentioned earlier, informal essay writing should follow a relaxed and conversational tone. Reading an informal essay is much like a listening to a friend talking to you.

Freedom from stiffness:

Unlike other assignment writing, in informal essay writing you can drop stiffness. You can get carried with the flow of writing. You are not bound by any rules and regulation in an informal essay; you have the freedom to project your creativity. The rule is there is no rule.

So, here you reviewed the characteristics of informal essay writing. Now it is time to learn how you should structure your informal essays.

Informal essay structure

Many students design their informal essays as fictional story. Informal essay structure should start with a story you are trying to unfold and progress it till the end. At the beginning of informal essay writing, it is better that you do not bring up any emotions and feelings. The best part of writing an informal essay is it has to have a definite format or structure. There is no constraint on the length of an informal essay; there is no agreed way for writers to organize their thoughts and views. Many of these essays don’t even have certain distinct thesis statement.

Although there is no rule in informal essay structure, but do not forget to segregate your thoughts in three segments of essay, the beginning of the story (introduction), the climax of the story (main body) and the conclusion of the story (conclusion).

Stand informal essay structure

  • Introduction
  • Main body (3 paragraphs/ 5 paragraphs)

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How to write informal essay to create more impact?

The aim of the informal essay is to seize the readers’ attention by presenting some interesting facts and information. Here are four techniques to elevate the quality of your informal essay writing,

  • Keep suspense till the end:

You may have read many books where authors preserved the suspense until the end. Have you watched a movie where directors do the same thing with their audience? Yes, you have. What is the logic behind it? The simple logic is we all want to lure our readers/audience till the end. Only few can do it. It is widely regarded but is one of the most difficult tasks. It can become simple if you bear the effective techniques in your minds while doing informal essay writing.

  • Keep uncertainty:

This is also a highly regarded way to create suspense and allure your readers to stay. To do it, the best way is to create an exhilarating and thrilling atmosphere of something unexpected, something unknown and even unpredictable. This is called ‘foreshadowing’.

  • Withhold the information:

Every time your readers want a piece of information to solve the mystery and you stop giving out information, you lure your leaders to get more, but they end up with nothing and want more.

  • Narrowing the plot:

Imagine you get on a train and the train started. Your friend started chatting with a person about his work. You have two different stories interconnected with each other. If you look at different stories and interweave them according to the integrity of the subject, then you can use it as an additional technique in informal essay writing.

Informal essay topics

Here are some popular informal essay topics to get you an idea about how you should create an informal essay,

Informal Essay Topic 1: Home education as trend of the 21st century

Informal Essay Topic 2: Studying and working? Mission impossible?

Informal Essay Topic 3: Terrorism as the challenge of the modern world

Informal Essay Topic 4: The best journey of my life

Informal Essay Topic 5: The point of life where I would start over

Informal Essay Topic 6: The celebrities who gave us bad examples

Informal Essay Topic 7: Your longest minute

Informal Essay Topic 8: The moment when your life start over

Informal Essay Topic 9: When a child taught you a lesson

Informal Essay Topic 10: An unexplained event

With these 10 informal essay topics, you definitely get an idea of how informal essay topics look like.

Tips for informal essay writing:

Here we describe few tips so that you make no mistake in informal essay writing,

  1. Don’t overdo informality; colloquialism is fine until it has some boundaries
  2. Try to punctuate your informal essay in proper manner. Do not forget to edit and proofread
  3. Engage your readers by writing in a casual, entertaining manner about the subject
  4. Stimulate readers’ mind in a way that they ask questions or want to know more about the subject
  5. You can use all innovative methods and choices like placing examples, quotes, anecdotes, rhetorical queries and descriptions.  

In short, informal essay is being what it is; you don’t have to follow any rules. The worst way to ruin your informal essay writing experience is to bind yourself in rules. But in not following rules, don’t forget to be reasonable. There should always be a head and tail in your story. There should also be a flow in your style and writing. Be witty, interesting and more importantly be yourself, everything will be fine. If you are still worried about writing an informal essay, you should try this solution. a solution to your essay problems serves as one-stop solution for all those students who struggle to keep their academic scores in essay writing. Apart from informal essay help, we also offer a wide range of essay writing services that relieves the students from the burden of writing assignment writing.

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