Evaluative Essay

Evaluative Essay

In the college and university level, the students are assigned evaluative essay writing tasks which test their analytical skills and ability to provide concrete reviews about something. It is not easy to develop an intriguing evaluative essay which can be serious, funny, sarcastic and even a satire. Whatever may be the approach, the writing piece should clearly exhibit the knowledge of the students based on evidence and logical writing. However, many students find it difficult to prepare a good evaluative essay. Hence, EssayGator.com has introduced exclusive evaluative essay help for these students. Through this evaluative essay writing service, the students can get impeccable essays according to their need and requirement.

Essential parts of an evaluative essay

A successful evaluative essay provides a convincing argument after thorough research on the subject matter. The essay should show impartiality and provide a balanced argument. However, if the topic demands, the students can also state their own opinions and viewpoints. The topic of the evaluative essay can range from a social issue to analyzing a product in the market. These evaluative essays are assessed on three aspects.

  • Criteria

The evaluative essays are developed on a particular subject. Certain yardsticks or basis judge these subjects. It is referred to as criteria. The criteria help to determine whether the respective subject is good, bad or worse. The students are required to choose an ideal set of criteria which will give them the desired outcome. If the subject is a movie then the criteria on which it will be judged are plot, actors, direction, music, screenplay etc.

  • Evidence

Evidence refers to all the supporting facts, details and information about the subject based on the set of criteria. A good evaluative essay should provide ample evidence which would convince the reader to the formulated thesis statement of the document. The students can find this evidence through primary research or consulting various sources. For a film, the evidence can be gathered from its genre, its viewers, plot twists, expectations, execution etc.

  • Judgment

Judgment refers to the final opinion or the decision which would be concluded on the basis of the performance of the subject in every criterion. The judgment is also called the result of the evaluative essay. Generally, the judgment is provided at the end of the essay but it can also be stated in the introduction of the essay. Then the students need to prove it in the following paragraphs of the document.

The evaluative essay structure differs slightly from the other forms of academic essay writing. Each body paragraph of the essay will discuss each criterion with its relevant evidence. Sometimes the students confuse the evaluative essay with the review. Though both the form of documents shares similarities, they are quite different from each other. While a review is a brief summary, an evaluative paper provides the readers detailed assessment which requires a more in-depth study.

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There are many students who struggle with these evaluative essays. Some of them are unaware of the ideal evaluative essay structure while some are completely confused with their tough evaluative essay topics. To address all the academic problems arising due to the evaluative essay, the students can now take the professional and expert assistance from EssayGator.com. This proficient essay assistance portal has launched evaluative essay help for the students.

This much-needed service is provided by a Ph.D. qualified academic writing team. This team includes experienced writers from USA, UK and Australia. Each of the students who wish to avail these services will be provided with a native academic writer. The concerned evaluative essay writer will prepare an impeccable content with the appropriate criteria, strongest evidence and impartial judgment. The essay will also be developed according to the essay writing guidelines and the prescribed evaluative essay structure of the particular student’s university or educational board.

EssayGator.com not only provides flawless essays but it also ensures a comprehensive support to the students. As the students can interact with the writers here, they can also get their academic queries resolved from them. There are many students who wish to increase their knowledge and ideas by studying some evaluative essay samples. For this, it has also launched a separate section of evaluative essay samples that the students can study and read without paying any charges.

How to write an extraordinary evaluative essay?

The actual process of writing an evaluative essay starts from selecting the topic. Sometimes, the students are provided by evaluative essay topic by the professors themselves. If they students are required to select their own topics, the must do so wisely. If you study in a college or university student, then you should choose such topics:

  • Where you have a strong opinion and have comfortable knowledge
  • Something which you experienced recently
  • Lot of information is available about the subject
  • The subject should interest you and you can make a strong contribution.

On these four yardsticks, the students should choose their evaluative essay topics.

To make the paper of extraordinary quality, all the students should remember these suggestions.

  • Present the topic in an interesting way

    • The essay should provide ample information to the reader which will convince them with the judgment.
    • The writing should not look like a summary rather a comparative study of the subject. It is an evaluative essay and not a review.
    • The writing of the essay should effectively communicate with the reader and describes the subject clearly without any ambiguity.
    • The objective of the essay is to make the readers agree to the evaluation.
  • Make a strong and authoritative judgment

    • The whole essay must support the thesis statement formulated in the introduction of the document. All the arguments should be evenly distributed in the essay.
    • The students should keep their audience (in most of the cases which is examiner) in mind and accordingly develop the essay.
    • Any evaluative essay should contain at least three criteria discussed in each body paragraphs. The students may include more criteria if the topic demands.
    • In evaluative essays, passionate writing from the heart are always encouraged and acknowledged. When the students complement the essay with their opinions, it makes the essay more effective.
    • Sometimes a lit bit of thrill in the essay is also well received if it is executed proficiently. The students can move from the least to the most important criteria.
    • All the opinions should be backed with concrete examples and evidence.
  • Argue according to the judgment

    • The students can use personal experiences, anecdotes, comparisons, contrasting or famous quotes in support of their judgment.
    • The reasons provided with each of criteria should be interesting, direct and convincing to complement the essay.
    • Though rare but sometimes depending on the subject, it is effective to provide counter arguments. It shows that the students are aware of both kinds of opinions and views. However, the students must use it cautiously.

It is very important to remember that the students may argue in favor or against the subject but the tone of the essay must be kept reasonable. Evaluative essays need to provide an unbiased point of view all the time. If the subject is tough and controversial, the students might need to provide more evidence and supporting information to prove their thesis statement conceived at the introduction.

Some important evaluative essay topics

The range of the evaluative essay topics can be very vast. From discussing the foreign policy of a country to reviewing a film, the range is quite large. Some of the sample evaluative essay topics are listed below:

  • Evaluate a remake of a foreign or a classic film. Provide reasons if it properly justifies the original film.
  • Do you have a particular favorite food? Which restaurant prepares that dish the best?
  • Evaluate the latest smartphone in the market. Does the phone a good buy for the students?
  • Evaluate how your school/ college/ university handle bullying.
  • Evaluate the importance of sports scholarships in school.

Hence, the professors can assign evaluative essay topics from any sphere. The students should have proper knowledge in that respective topic to develop a strong evaluative essay.

Things to remember before writing an evaluative essay

An evaluative essay should be well organized and follow a precise structure. The essay uses comparison and contrast to prove the thesis statement. Before writing the evaluative essay, every student should remember these suggestions procured from the evaluative essay writing experts.

  • The students must choose the evaluative essay topic keeping the audience in consideration. They should choose such topics which would be interesting for the complete audience rather than pleasing only a group of people.
  • The number of criteria should be proportional to the amount of evidence gathered. Sometimes it so happens that the students set five to six criteria and find it difficult to provide an equal amount of supporting details.
  • The students should write the essay in impeccable English according to the lexical standards of the country. It should also be completely free from grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The evaluative essay should use vivacious and engaging language. The essay should exhibit something new rather than stating the obvious. The essay needs to provide a fresh perspective and it should avoid being informal.
  • Generally, the students should select such topics which are not overused and common. When these choose a bit unconventional topic they can earn higher grades in the essays than the rest of the students.

These suggestions will help the students to prepare an evaluative essay above the expectations of their professors.

How to take evaluative essay help from EssayGator.com?

It is very easy to get evaluative essay help from EssayGator.com. While the other service providers provide a generalized service, EssayGator.com always ensure a customized service to the students. If you too wish to take the evaluative essay writing help service, follow these steps.

  • Submit your essay details

In the first step, the students are required to fill up the registration form followed by the essay details form. In these online forms, you can provide all the details about their requirement in their evaluative essay. All the information must be accurate. If you face any trouble completing these online order forms, you can contact the 24x7 online help services.

  • Select the writer

The submitted form gets immediately published for the writers. Expert writers who are competent to write evaluative essays bid for the project. The students have complete freedom to choose their own writers. From the bidding panel, you can decide which writer to select according to the experience, rating and prices.

  • Essay development

The selected writer starts working on the evaluative essay immediately after you confirm the writer and make the payment. You can monitor the progress of your evaluative essay through the specific interface and directly interact with the writer. When the writer completes the essay, it will be evaluated in plagiarism checkers.

  • Provide reviews and download content

If you are satisfied and happy with the content, then you can provide your reviews and download the evaluative essay. If not, the respective writer will change the content accordingly. The writer will not receive their remuneration till the students are satisfied.

It is one of the very few websites which provides comprehensive assistance to the students. The evaluative essay help service is no exception. The students will not only get the best content but they will also come to know about the ideal evaluative essay structures and evaluative essay writing skills. So, get this evaluative essay writing service and ensure yourself the highest grades.

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