Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

‘I can still remember the cold breeze on my face, the smell of salt water and the sound of crashing waves on the shore’ — you can see a picture by reading these few words. Such ‘descriptive’ words force you to create a vivid picture in your mind. In descriptive essay writing, you may describe a situation, person, concept, place, experience or even an emotion. But how would you identify the words that help you imbue your language and appeal your readers to feel through your words. Yes, it takes time to understand and practice those skills. This article will give you insights of descriptive essay writing and some facts that are unknown to you. Stay tuned!

Why descriptive writing?

Every academic assignment has its own purpose, so has descriptive essay writing. Like any academic writing, descriptive essay encourages you to put forth your views through your words. This way, you gain more polished skills of expressing your thoughts in a coherent manner. So whenever you are asked to write a descriptive essay, take it as a challenge because there is a considerable artistic freedom you can enjoy.

Principles of descriptive writing

  • Typically descriptive essay writing has one clear dominant impression. For example, if you are describing snowfall in your descriptive essay writing, it is important for you to decide and let your readers know if it is threatening or lovely. The dominant impression guides the authors’ selection of details and words. Keep the essay focused on a dominant impression.
  • In case you are writing about two, three or more objects, you should think about what links the objects together. You may want to choose different objects to make your descriptive essay writing more vivid. Be careful to select only those objects that have a connection among them.

How to make descriptive essay writing more vivid?

Here are few ways to project your views to inculcate in your readers’ minds. If your readers are unable to clarify from an impression of the thing you described, try it again. Learn how you should approach descriptive essay writing to impress your readers in the first place.

  • Use clear and concise language:

You need to choose words carefully, particularly for their relevancy in relation to what you are describing. Here are few examples on how should you replace abstract description with concrete description.

Abstract: It is a nice day

Concrete: The sun is shining high and the cold breeze is kissing my face

Abstract: I like writing poem, not essays

Concrete: I like writing short poems and hate rambling about my thoughts in four-page essays

Abstract: Mrs. Smith is a great teacher

Concrete: Mrs. Smith really knows how to help us and turn our thoughts into good stories and essays

  • Choose vivid language:

Why not write tempestuous in place of violent or why not miserly instead of cheap? Such choices will make descriptive essay writing more vivid and the image firmer in the mind of the readers. Here are few more examples that make you understand the usage of more vivid words,

  • It was color of tea, overly stepped
  • Unnaturally thick like honey or molasses
  • The courthouse sagged
  • A black dog suffered
  • Men’s stiff collars wilted.


  • Use your senses:

Descriptive essay writing should be appealing to the senses of the readers. Use your five senses to build your writing in a lucid way.

  • Sight: The pond’s black water is reflecting the moon so clearly that it seems so magical
  • Smell: The refreshing aroma of rosemary stimulates your tired nerves
  • Touch: The velvety touch of rose petals remind me the rose garden we had when I was a kid
  • Sound: Robin was cuddling in his bed when he heard thundering knocks on his doors
  • Taste: Spices revealing its identity one by one the moment I tasted the curry.
  • Use emotions:

If you describe emotions and feeling related to the subject, you will be able to connect with readers on a deeper level. Many have felt the crushing loss, ecstatic joy or heart-wrenching fears. Use those emotions as your weapons to reach the full potential of description in descriptive essay writing.

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How to choose descriptive essay topics

We know this is a tough process for you. To ease your problems to certain extent, we provide you few descriptive essay topic suggestions here so that you get an understanding of how you should create your own descriptive essay topics.

Descriptive essay topic 1: A beautiful summer morning in the woods

Descriptive essay topic 2: A character from a movie, cartoon or book

Descriptive essay topic 3: The most frightening place on the earth

Descriptive essay topic 4: A holiday celebration in your family

Descriptive essay topic 5: The most interesting piece of art in the nearest museum

Descriptive essay topic 6: Your favorite cuisine

Descriptive essay topic 7: The memory of people you met when you were kid

Descriptive essay topic 8: Environmental degradation caused by human activity

Descriptive essay topic 9: The best place to do your homework

Descriptive essay topic 10: The experience of learning a foreign language

Descriptive essay topic 11: A phobia that you want to overcome badly

Descriptive essay topic 12: An embarrassing moment for you

Descriptive essay topic 13: How the Bermuda triangle operates

Descriptive essay topic 14: How cricket was discovered

Descriptive essay topic 15: How eve was tricked by the serpent

Yes, this is how descriptive essay topics should look like. There is no boundary of selecting descriptive essay topics, but it should be something that you know about and want to describe it in words. You should begin descriptive essay writing process by observing the subject closely and decide what details you should use.

How to structure a descriptive essay

Here we discuss how you should present your thoughts in each section or segregate your word count: starting with introduction and ending with concluding paragraph. The number of body paragraph varies on the choice of the subject you are handling.

  1. Descriptive essay example (Introduction paragraph)

  • Hook - Something that gets your readers interested in reading further, it can be a question, statement, statistics, fact etc.
  • Connecting info – From the hook to the main topic/background information
  • Thesis statement - The main idea of writing; the purpose behind taking certain subject.


  1. Descriptive essay example (Body paragraphs)

Here is a list of elements that you must include in each of your body paragraphs,

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting details
  • Concluding sentence
  • Transformation words
  • Connection between paragraph and thesis statement.
  • Descriptive essay example (Concluding paragraph)

Here is how you draw the conclusion in a proper manner. This is the last chance for you to impress your readers and make them think about the subject after finishing reading it. You should,

  • Restate your points
  • Summarize the points of development
  • Give suggestions, project opinions and present predictions.

How to write and edit a descriptive essay

Before you jump into descriptive essay writing, you should create an outline. But remember the purpose is to give a rich experience to the readers about the subject. Don’t forget, the most watchword of writing descriptive essay is:

Show…don’t tell

Here is an example how you should mark the difference between showing and telling,

Tell: I grew tired after dinner

Show: As I leaned back and rested my head against the top of the arm chair, my eyelids began to feel heavy. I could not leave them open for few more minutes and the sight began to blur in front of me.

As mentioned above, use your senses to create a picture in front of your readers.

Descriptive essay sample

Here is a 3-paragraph descriptive essay sample with which you will gain the understanding of writing a descriptive essay.

“I still remember the cold breeze crossing my face. The smell of the salty air and crashing sound of waves soothing my nerves. It was a relaxing day for me. I will never forget the feeling when I visited Jamaica. I felt that I had left the world of frustration and stepped into a spiritual world. The beach is the perfect place for rejuvenating because of its relaxing weather, breathtaking scenario and the people you get to meet there.

The weather in Jamaica is perfect for hanging around. First, the temperature always remains above 80 Fahrenheit. Second, the air you breathe is light and refreshing. Thirdly, it hardly rains there and so you don’t have to worry about snow. In addition, I can relax on the beach and never have to worry about catching a chill at night. I was delighted to see how the weather made it so easy to relax on the beach.

I can’t think of any better place to relax than the beach in Jamaica. The pleasant weather makes it comfortable all year around. The scenic beauty makes it more alluring for the tourist. Don’t forget the friendly people you meet on the beaches who make your journey more entertaining. Anyone who really needs to relax should consider booking the next flight to Jamaica.”

How to enhance the quality of descriptive essay writing

Using figurative language embellishes the quality of description and the content becomes more live and vivid. Here we explain the proper usage of figures of speech that help you reach to the fullest description potential.

  • Metaphor:

Compare two different things with one another

For example, The detective listened to her tales with a wooden face.

  • Simile:

Compare two things while using words like ‘as’ and ‘like’ in writing. It works as a simile

For example, He is like an open book.

  • Understatement:

Minimize the impact on a situation, that’s called understatement

For example, Whatever I am today is because of God.

  • Overstatement:

Deliberate exaggeration to increase the impact of emphasis

For example, I will die if my phone gets one single scratch.

  • Personification:

Create relation between human and non-human things

For example, The stars are dancing in the moonlit sky.

  • Onomatopoeia:

Use meaningless words or sounds to leave more impact on readers

For example, Bird’s chirp filled the empty air.

  • Symbol:

Use person, thing or idea to signify something, that’s called symbolism

For example, Time is money.

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