Classification Essay

Classification Essay

Classification essay writing is one of the most important genres of essay writing in the academic world. As the name suggests, in this form of essay writing the students are required to arrange or organize people, objects or ideas according to their common characteristics and logical connections. The students of science and humanities are assigned classification essay writing tasks every semester. This form of essay writing is very interesting where the students can exhibit their knowledge and analytical skills. However, classification essay can be tough too. To assist the numerous students who are worried with their essay writing tasks, has introduced classification essay help services.

What is classification essay?

A classification essay is sometimes referred to as division essay. In the classification essay, the writer organizes and sorts different aspects of a particular thing in defined categories. Generally, the classification essay is of five paragraphs but it may continue further depending on the topic and the resources. This method of developing the essay is through organizing the shared characteristics in specific groups. This organization must be precise and accurate.

In most of the situations, the professors assign specific classification essay topics to the students among which they need to choose. However, the students too are sometimes allowed to select their own topics. It is important to explore various strategies before starting to write the classification essay. If they are not comfortable on their own, they can take the assistance of the classification essay help service provided by

Key things to remember before writing classification essay

Every essay has its own essence. The classification essay is no exception. It is important to include all the potential elements in the writing, keeping the essence intact. The main objective of classification essay is to classify all the essential elements in useful categories. If you are a college student, you need to remember these key things before classification.

  • All the categories of sorting must follow a single organizing principle.
  • Each category should include at least one example to make the argument strong.
  • Each category of classification should be distinct and it should not overlap.
  • The categories should be arranged according to their order of importance with the most important classification at the top.
  • All the categories should be logical and strong enough to persuade the reader.

But many a times, the students find it really hard to identify the proper categories of a topic. In these situations, these students can take the assistance of classification essay help services.

Even if the classifications are different on their own, they have a common denominator. The denominator will depend on the objective of the classification essay. According to the objective, all the categories should be sorted in a logical way.

Taking the example of mobile phones - it can be segregated into the categories of size, connectivity or features. Generally, the most common form of classification used in these form of essays is the Classification by Degree. The aspects of consideration under Classification by Degree can be rated by:

  • Quality (Example - Good phones, better phones and best phones)
  • Size (Example - 4-inch phones, 5-inch phone and 6-inch phones)
  • Price (Example - Cheap phones, affordable phones and expensive phones)

There can be even more categories depending on the topic of the classification essay. Other than Classification by Degree, the Classification of Time Period is also used if the topic is historical. Then the information would be divided into ancient, middle ages and modern.

Each of these classifications must be comprehensive and should not leave out any important part or information. The classification essay thesis statement too should be based on the categories of the essay. The classification essay help experts comment that the thesis statement should be based on parallelism. For example- “People respond in three different ways, namely, eagerly, indifferently or reluctantly”. The terminology used matches and each of the categorical words has the same grammar form. They are adverbs.

If the students remember these key things, they can prepare a stronger classification essay. However, there are many students who find this practical task really tough, they can avail the classification essay help services of

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Writing a classification essay

Developing an impeccable classification essay is not an impossible task. The students should remember three key things before they start writing this classification essay.

  • Determine the categories

It is important to choose the most important categories of differentiation beforehand. While choosing few categories can leave out crucial ones, including too many categories can blur the classification and reduce the conciseness of the classification essay. Sometimes the classification essay may store the strongest category till the last or it can introduce it at the first paragraph depending on the topic of the essay.

  • Classify by a single principle

It is important to fit all the categories of differentiation to same organizing principle. The organizing principle is how the writer sorts the groups and it is important to maintain the principle throughout the classification essay. The students must be very cautious while writing so that they don’t deviate from the main principle.

  • Relevant example with each category

Each category must be supported with strong examples. It is important to share the relevant, strong and effective examples in the classification essay which will help to make the argument stronger.

The classification essay generally has a simple format which starts with one-paragraph introduction and three paragraphs of body, each discussing one category. It ends with one paragraph of conclusion.

  • Introductory paragraph

The most important part of the introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is stated at the last stage of the introduction. The thesis statement will reveal the topic, the objective of the classification essay and the classification categories to be considered. It should have a very concise structure which would state all the essentials of the classification essay.

In addition to the thesis statement, the introduction also plays a pivotal role to captivate the interests of the readers. Some descriptive and informative details about the topic or a little anecdote can help the students to achieve this goal.

Here’s a little example based on the topic of football fans:

“It is a chilly but clear winter morning and the supporters of both the teams have gathered in the stadium to witness a spectacular football match between the two arch-rivals. While many admirers of the game stroll to their stadium seats with popcorns, hot dogs and cold drinks, countless of them tune in to their television sets to enjoy this sporting extravaganza at their home. No matter where this game is played, there will always have three kinds of enthusiasts - the party men, the sunshine supporters and the die-hard fan.”

This example explains the settings, gives specific details about the conditions and introduces the three main categories which would be described in the classification essay.

  • Body paragraphs

As already stated, the body will include three paragraphs (may increase in certain situations), each of them discussing about one category. It is important to begin these body paragraphs with a sentence that will help to identify the type of category which it will illustrate. Then the gradual explanations will continue.

The writer should use comparisons in the text to ensure a smooth cohesion throughout the content. The category topic of the second and third paragraphs should refer to the preceding paragraph to ensure a smooth transition. They should also provide adequate contrasts with the other two categories. Sometimes, the students can provide their own opinion in the three explanatory paragraphs of the classification essay to make it more authentic.

Referring to the above-mentioned example of football fans, a body paragraph of classification essay can be prepared according to this sample:

“The sunshine supporter is more common in the stadiums than the party men but less staunch than the die-hard fans. They come to the stadium in numbers, cheer for their team in the days of glory and achievements. When the home team is on an authoritative winning streak, the stadium is always packed with these sunshine supporters. They roar, wave and shout the names of their heroes at the top of the voices every day. However, their population decreases when the team loses. The sunshine supporters are fickle and their numbers fluctuates according to the performance of the team….”

This demonstrative body paragraph of a sample classification essay explains the characteristics and traits of a specific group of football fans.

  • Concluding paragraph

In the conclusion, the students need to provide a brief summary of all the details that they were discussing in the classification essay. They can also add a brief comment on them by stating the limitations of the study. The conclusion can also be used for making relevant recommendations and emphasize the achievements of the essay. It makes the overall purpose of the classification essay writing clear in front of the readers and examiners.

As referring to the same example of football fans stated above, the example of conclusion:

“Association football is the most popular sport in the world. This won’t have been possible without the crazy activities of these supporters and fans. While the party men provide money to the club, the sunshine supporters keep the ambiance vibrant. The die-hard fans bolster the confidence of the players throughout the season…”

The classification essay conclusion should end by reiterating the thesis statement by giving it a sense of completeness.

Every student should follow these ideas while preparing a classification essay. It will help them to prepare a more worthy essay according to the expectations of their professors. The students are advised by the classification essay help experts to revise the content at least two times after they have completed writing the essay. Getting the content evaluated by eminent faculty or classification essay help experts can help them to identify the mistakes. also provides proofreading and editing assistance on classification essays at cheap prices. provides assistance in 100+ subjects

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