Academic Essay

Academic Essay

Academic essay writing tasks do not end at the high school level. In the colleges and universities, the academic essays are used as a tool to evaluate the knowledge and analytical skills of the students. However, many students feel helpless with these academic essay writing tasks which become even tougher in this tertiary level. When these tasks are giving you sleepless nights, you can reach, the most proficient online essay writing service for the students of USA, UK and Australia. You will get the ideal academic essay writing help here.

Beginning the academic essay writing

The main idea of writing the essay is to aim to persuade the reader to an idea on the basis of concrete evidence and precise language. The beginning of academic essay is a very crucial step which needs to be intriguing in order to engage the readers. This way, there are some key things on which every student should emphasize while they are writing an academic essay. They are as follows:

  • Introduce the essay topic

The beginning of the essay introduces the topic to the readers. It is all about establishing the context of the academic essay and the specific approach which would be undertaken. The precise framing of an approach also defines the scope of the essay. After determining the context of the essay and its formal introduction, the students can eliminate other approaches. It will help to focus on the essay.

  • Focus on the essay

Every reader wishes to know the central issue of the essay topic and how the writer of the essay approaches it. The thesis statement of the academic essay serves both the purposes. The thesis statement should clearly state the objective of the essay and how the writer plans to achieve it. It also helps the writer to focus and avoids straying from the topic.

  • Orient readers

The essays not only state the facts and opinions of the writer, but it is also important to keep the readers as well as the examiners engrossed in the write-up. If the readers do not feel interested, they may quit reading it in the middle which will earn the students lower grades. The academic essay can include background information, little anecdotes to make it more readable.

  • Proper length and order

The length and the format of the academic essay must be accurate according to the established norms and guidelines of the university. Generally, it is divided into three parts, namely, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are of one paragraph while the body can range several paragraphs. The essay must not go beyond the word limit stated by the university.

These are few important items that will help to begin the academic essay writing with much more clarity. The students will know their objective and how they can accomplish their task. However, most of the students find these academic essay writing tasks very tedious and difficult. Definitely, beginning the essay is the most crucial part and if the students falter in the first step, they will lose momentum and end up making an inferior quality essay. If they do not feel confident, they can take the professional assistance of - the ideal academic essay writing help service

Thousands of students feel helpless with the academic essay writing tasks. provides the ideal academic essay help to these students. The students can get essays prepared by Ph.D. qualified writers at reasonable prices. Since these essays carry valuable importance in the college and university level, the academic essay writing experts ensure that every student receives impeccable quality content to score the highest grades. hires professional essay writers from Australia, UK and USA. They have qualified from the most prestigious universities of these countries. Along with their academic credentials, these writers have profound knowledge about the educational systems of these countries. They can provide the best guidance on even the toughest academic essay topics. The academic essay writing help service promises each student impeccable quality documents enriched with the strongest arguments, primary evidence and error-free writing. Every essay is free from plagiarism. The students can even get the plagiarism report from by paying $2. The academic essay writing service also guarantees timely delivery of the essays even on the shortest deadlines like two to three hours. Apart from essay writing assistance, it also provides academic essay writing tips. The students can receive these academic essay writing tips over phone, chatting or email services.

Understanding academic essay writing

Academic essay is a specific writing genre which has its own set of norms, rules and conventions. The main purpose of these essays is to persuade the readers into a specific and reasoned discourse. Professors comment that these essays are highly effective to build critical thinking skills of the students.

A successful academic essay forms a definite argument and defends it with concrete reasons through a clear and demonstrative procedure. However, the students sometimes fail to achieve the standard that is expected from them. After consulting the best academic essay writing help experts, a concise suggestion set is prepared for the students. It explains how to prepare an academic essay considering its three chief sections.

  • Introduction of the essay

Mainly the introduction of an essay serves two purposes. They are:

  1. It provides a theoretical framework of the essay which will guide the analysis.
  2. It introduces the thesis statement that will help to organize and focus on the paper.

The students should avoid making generalized statements in the introduction. The introduction should be focused, concise and direct. The introduction of the academic essay ends with the thesis statement. The thesis statement of the academic essay should be simple which makes a single point of argument. However, if the student is required to prove multiple points, the thesis statement can be complex. The students can get more information about it from the academic essay writing help experts.

  • Body of the essay

The body of the essay is devoted to proving the thesis statement. The students are required to establish criteria and meeting those according to the available resources and its analysis.

  1. Establishing criteria

According to the established theoretical framework provided in the introduction of the essay, the students can be required to determine a certain set of criteria through which the thesis statement will be proved. Also referred to as argument points, the students are required to explain those criteria and the reason for their selection in this academic essay.

  1. Meeting criteria

The students are required to provide ample evidence and facts with strong arguments to support the criteria set. A rational analysis on the topic will follow. It is important that the students answer all the criteria adequately. The body of the academic essay can be divided into multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph will address one criterion.

The whole body of the academic essay should be clearly written without any ambiguity. It is important that the examiners understand the views and opinions of the students which will clearly communicate with them.

  • Conclusion of the essay

The conclusion of the academic essay is as important as the introduction. Though the conclusion of the essay does not play a fundamental role in persuading the readers, it summarizes all the achievements of the essay. It should not add any new facts or observation rather iterate the necessary facts about the topic. The students can state something definitive about the essay so that it ends in the highest note.

All the students while preparing their academic essay must remember these suggestions. On any issue, they can also take the academic essay writing services from

General suggestions on academic essay writing tasks

The academic essay is not an easy task to complete. Many students wish for some academic essay writing tips which would help them to complete these tasks. After consultation with the academic essay writing help experts, provides some expert tips to the students who are spending sleepless nights with the tasks.

  • Miscellaneous observations often make the reader confused. The academic essay should have a proper argument. It should always try to ‘prove’ something after developing a single thesis. Accordingly the reasons, evidence and arguments will follow.
  • The thesis statement of the academic essay should be formulated exactly according to the question asked by the professor. All the students should provide significant time to develop the thesis statement rather than making it in a hurry.
  • There are many ways through which a particular argument may be presented in the academic essay. But it should be designed so that it fits and complements the specific approach, provides the argument clearly and effectively enough to persuade the reader.
  • It is better to start writing the academic essay as early as possible. All the students are advised by the academic essay help writers to make an outline of the essay and plan the development beforehand. It will help them considerably while they are preparing the essay.
  • Most of the students get confused what should be their opening strategy in writing the academic essay. The most effective strategies to introduce the academic essay are an anecdote, an image expressed through words, a question or any surprising facts and information. Sometimes a quote can also be effective depending on the topic.
  • All the students should write the essay freely which would bring out their own opinion and views but they must do so keeping the objective, purpose and the organization of the essay in mind. After completing the essay, they should revise the content thrice to make sure that it is free from every error.

These academic essay writing tips will help all the students to prepare their essays. If the students are not contented with all these tips, they can take the academic essay writing help from the Ph.D. qualified writers.

How to get assistance from is one of the very few academic assistance websites which provides the most priority to the choice and requirements of the students. The academic essay help services are so designed that it serves according to the best interests of the students. Some of the students are not aware how the essay writing help services of functions. If you too do not know the procedure, follow these simple steps.

  • Firstly, the student needs to provide the academic essay details and place their order. While providing the academic essay order, the students must be very cautious so that they provide all the correct information and their own requirements. The form is very user-friendly and it will take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete the whole procedure of form submission.
  • When the form is submitted, it gets published for the academic writers of the website. According to the subject and topic of the academic essay, respective competent writers bid for the project. The students have full liberty to select any writer from their bidding panel. They can choose on the basis of the writer’s experience, ratings, no. of completed orders etc.
  • After choosing the writer, the students need to confirm their order by making the payment. The respective writer starts working immediately on the project. The student can also review the progress of the work regularly.
  • After completing the task, the academic essay will be delivered to the student following editing and evaluation in the plagiarism checkers. When the students express their satisfaction, the writer would receive his/ her payment.

Hence, considerable liberty is provided to all the students who take academic essay help from So, if academic essay writing tasks are troubling you, take this academic essay writing service. It is committed to provide the best content which will fetch you the highest grades.

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