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Format for Writing Academic Essays

Your primary goal in writing college or academic essays is, undoubtedly, to gain an edge over your competitors. But writing an essay can be a maddening as well as an exasperating process unless you know the sample format for academic essays.

Format for writing Acadmic Essays

To start with, choose your essay topic. Then, work out the scope of your paper or what you need to include within your discussion. The more you narrow down the focus of your essay; you can actually address all the aspects. It is necessary to establish the scope as well as the limitations of your essay.

In other words, your essay will require an insight of your own. Pick your idea and clearly assert on your own, whether you can write your essay around it. Sketch your essay before writing it down on the paper.

Basically, an essay format comprises of three main sections; Introduction, the Essay Body and the Conclusion. However, you must ensure, whether your project supervisor wants to include any other section in the essay format.

Here are the constituent elements of an academic essay:


An introductory paragraph must introduce your topic and provide a thesis statement. And these two tasks have to be accomplished in a single paragraph. The introduction must state all the major points of your essay briefly to the readers. You must clearly define the approach you are about to adapt in your paper for discussing the topic, and your main purpose of the study. Typically, the introductory paragraph of an academic essay format example will include:

i. Stating the problem

ii.Definition of the terms used

iii.Theoretical Framework


v.Type of Research; Qualitative or Quantitative




ix.Literature Review

x.Scope, Limitations of the Topic

xi.Significance of Studying the subject


The essay body is where you need to present your arguments in favor of the thesis statement. The paragraphs should be related to what was introduced in the thesis. A strong argument, followed by suitable evidence will comprise the essay body. An academic essay format favors inclusion of the following points in the essay body:

i.Background of the Study

ii.Data presented and analyzed


The conclusion of your academic essay is as important as the introduction. This section ties up your entire arguments. It is here you make your final stand clear. You need to explain to your readers why you are closing with such a conclusion in these three sub-sections:

i.Concluding Statement


iii.Thesis in fresh words

iv.Recommendations and Bibliography.

So there you are! You know now what an academic essay format is. This format can be followed in any form of academic assignments (unless of course, you receive any special instructions from your University).