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How to Write Essays on Domestic Violence Laws?

Over the past few decades, domestic violence has become a point of concern for our society. As per the 2005 report of Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey, at least one woman among three has been experiencing physical violence, and one among five experiences sexual violence in their lifetime. In UK, it is more alarming as domestic violence accounts for a quarter of the overall crime.

More shocking is the fact that domestic violence is now one of the leading causes of death among women. This has fueled drastic changes in local and state laws. Since it is an issue of social concern, high school or college students are often asked to write essays on domestic violence laws. However, it is a sensitive topic and should be dealt with carefully.

Choose a proper topic for your essay:

Choose a related topic first. For instance, health physicians and experts suggest that domestic abuses can be of various forms — physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or verbal. All of these can have an adverse effect on your children too, especially the youngest member of the family. Often children are traumatized or intimidated, which can affect their overall growth. Now this is an interesting topic for your essay!

If you are planning to develop an argumentative essay on domestic violence, look for controversial issues so that you present your own views and bring up numerous supporting evidences or points as to why readers should agree with you, as that is the ultimate objective of your paper.

Some of the probable topics could be:

i. Ill effects of media: Promoting domestic violence on screen

ii. Physical abuse leading to mental disorder

iii. Sexual abuse as the most harmful form of domestic violence

Steps to write an essay on domestic violence laws:

Here are the basic rules for developing your essay:

i.Initiate your essay by explaining the topic and the thesis statement: It is ideally recommended to narrow down your topic, keeping in mind that you should have adequate supportive elements or arguments in favor of your point of view. Otherwise there are chances of getting lost amongst the heap of information. Thereafter, explain your topic and drive into the thesis statement straight away.

i.Collection of case histories and evidences: In case of academic essays, you need to provide relevant statistics to serve as evidences. Find out the registered domestic violence cases and the recent law amendments. Pay special attention to the sources from which you extract the information for authenticity.

i.Now write down your assignment: Finally, it is the time to write down your essay body. Rather than adopting emotional style, try to choose persuasive writing style. Present your arguments logically and clearly.

i.Conclude your essay: Add an interesting conclusion, driving the readers to participate in a discussion. Encourage them to brainstorm, or include in call for action.