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Essay Writing Formats- A guide to good Essay Writing

Essay is the commonest form of academic assignment and so every one of us are well accustomed to the basic format of essay writing. However, here is the proper essay writing format for the higher academic students, thriving hard to score highest grades! The traditional format for composing an essay is made of five paragraphs. Apart from an essay, it also serves as a useful model for developing other academic assignments.

Essay Writing format2

Introductory Paragraph:

An introductory paragraph is meant to familiarize the readers with your essay topic. While presenting the thesis statement briefly, it should also engage the readers in your essay. Besides, this, the last part of your introduction paragraph must include a transitional link into the first paragraph, of the essay body.

Essay Body: Paragraph One:

Ideally, the first paragraph of the essay body, must present the most powerful argument, compelling example, illustration or the indisputable point for beginning the write-up. While the first sentence of the paragraph, typically ties it with the introductory paragraph, the few sentences will obviously refer to the topic followed by another transitional clasp in the last sentence, to move to the next paragraph of the essay.

Essay Body: Second Paragraph:

This paragraph should comprise of the second dynamic logic, example or a prominent follow up of the initial paragraph. The topic must relate with the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph and include a transitional hook to attach the third paragraph of the essay body maintaining a coherent structure.

Essay Body: Third Paragraph:

Typically, the third paragraph of the paper body, contain the frail arguments, examples or interpretations or a follow-up of the previous paragraph, followed by a final brief summation of the key concepts generated in this paper.

The Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph, being another appealing part of your essay, must include the following:

i. An allusive pattern as used in the introduction part.

ii. The thesis statement, echoed in fresh language, which must not sound repetitive.

iii. A summary of the three major points, from the essay body, in a condensed form.

iv. A thought provoking final statement, or a persuasive call for action denoting the end of discussion.

Pro Tip:

i. Choose out of the box subjects, this will increase the chances of your essay winning appreciation from the readers, rather than the traditional subjects!

ii. Adhere to the proper citation style and enlist all the borrowed ideas candidly.
If you can keep these few things in mind, you need to waste no more time in maintaining the coherent structure of the essay! Proofread, and edit your essay to filter out the grammatical mistakes, spellings or typos and finally, your perfect academic essay is ready for submission!