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Connectors in Essay Writing

Connectors can be defined as words, phrases or expressions used in between words or sentences to establish a form of connection or relationship. By using connectors, (also known as conjunctions), one is able to arrange his or her opinion in a rational or understandable manner in an essay.

Where to use connectors in an essay?

Ideally connectors should be used when:

i. You want to add a layer of information above the previous idea.

ii. You want to relate two ideas, paragraphs or sentences.

Pro Tip: Avoid excessive usage of connectors. Using them unnecessarily might create confusions or error in language.

Examples of commonly used connectors:

There are several categories of connectors, depending on the nature of usage, in an essay:

1. For Enlisting:

i. Firstly, secondly...

ii. Next, then, finally, lastly...

iii. To start with, to conclude with..

iv. Last but not the least.

2. For Comparing:

i. Compared to, in comparison to…

ii. Similarly, in the same way…

iii. Likewise or Equally;

3. For Exemplifying:

i. For example;

ii. For instance;

iii. Such as…

iv. That is to say…

4. Suggesting an alternative:

i. On one hand,

ii. On the other hand,

5. Offering one’s own opinion:

i. In my opinion…

ii. As a result…

iii. I am convinced that…

iv. One reason I feel is…

Similarly, there are numerous connectors to accommodate an idea or a concept and maintain the flow of your essay!

Basic rules of using connectors in your essay:

Whether you are using connectors in your essay, assignment paper or any other write-up, the golden rules of using conjunctions will always be constant:

i. The position of the words in a connector phrase cannot be altered. You cannot remove or replace these words.

ii. Two connectors must not be used in a single sentence.

iii. If you are using connectors, make sure the two paragraphs, sentences or ideas are related to each other.

iv.  Use commas or semicolons aptly while using connectors.

By using appropriate connectors, you can maintain the coherent structure of your essay. As a result, the readers can transit smoothly from one idea to another, without any jerk!