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No subject is more fraught with anxiety for high school and college students than writing essay for academics. It is very normal to have bizarre feelings before starting an essay because no one enjoys writing essays. So, we as a college essay help online service provider wonder what tips and suggestions could be offered to ease the pain. We have gathered a very unusual list, telling about the best writing approach for essay writing, common essay clichés, rules of writing college essays and lastly ending with specific words that can help you to gain an entry into Harvard.

3 ways to approach college essay questions

The question you see in the essay has to be handled with care. Here are three easy ways to write good paper in lesser time. You can use these approaches if you have limited knowledge of the topic. By using these methods, you can certainly conceal your flaws in writing.

  1. What is your point?

This seems easy for you. But it is the hardest part of the writing process. Sometimes you have a ready-made topic, sometimes you need to make one from a general topic. In either way, you need to think about how to defend your viewpoint in your paper.

For example, an essay question: What caused the fall of Roman Empire? or Discuss how the fall of Roman Empire occurred.

The process starts with thinking about something you might have heard or read on the topic. This will help you to commence your research. Try to find the answer that will turn this question into an answer.

Thesis statement: Invention of the aqueduct caused the fall of Roman Empire

  1. For why and wherefore?

Sometimes we are sure about what we are doing, so we fill in by using big words. By then, the 3-page paper inflates by almost half page. You should not do it. If your length is your concern, manipulate the font and margins when you are finished.

For example: The aqueducts of the Romans having been made of lead, the water supply for the city may well have been contaminated and caused many to go mad from lead poisoning.    

The sentence seems dull and boring. Too many words fluff up the sentence.

A better sentence would be: Many Romans suffered from madness brought on by lead poisoning because the water supply of city was contaminated by lead-lined aqueducts.

  1. Last minute research:

Remember, you have your point. To valid your points, you need to go through the books, finding anything that remotely relates to your topic. Take chances if anything, any new passage dimly supports your argument. Use it, but clearly explain how this literature work is related to your point.

If you have short time to write your paper, you may think of some other way to get your work done. The most popular option that students prefer now-a-days is getting college essay help online. There are many college essay writing service providers offering different types of college essay help to students.

Seven rules of writing

There are many books out there; these books are published to inform you about essay writing tricks. But they are expensive too. Being a responsible college essay help online service provider, we spare you the trouble of buying any of those books. Here are seven most effective writing rules applicable on every student who wants to produce good quality essay assignments.

  1. Find a subject that makes you live: Same old rule. Oldest, but the most effective as well.
  2. Do not ramble: Decide how to answer the essay question before writing it.
  3. Keep it simple: Don’t bloat it with fancy words, write what you actually feel.
  4. Have the guts to cut: You should be bold with your writing, ready to experiment with it.
  5. Sound like yourself: Your writing should reflect your inner personality, thoughts and ideas.
  6. Say what you mean to say: Come right at the point. Do not cloud your thoughts by using wrong words.
  7. Pity your readers: Explain everything that is new or not new to you. You readers need to understand your paper before commenting on it.

Use these suggestions to unleash the writer inside you.

How can help you with essay writing?

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We provide you customized essay with the elements:

  • Title page
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Avoid clichés in admission essays

We as a college essay help service provider have listed the clichés that our college essay writers frequently come across.

  • Sports: Students think it as of asymmetric importance. It is hard to get anyone else to care.
  • Travel: Unfortunately there is nothing illuminating about travelling. You can mention it but don’t go for off-hand observations.
  • Injuries and illness: A medical condition is worth discussing, but it should bear some effects on your academic performance. It may be appropriate when it affects your central identity.
  • Community service: Students should be mindful about mentioning community services in their application essays.
  • Sex, romance: Writers should take risks. They should discuss about grate topics like politics, gender, and other social issues. But personal examples should be used with cautions.
  • Advice, morals and broad conclusions: Sometimes essays end with a sweeping conclusion reflecting about life lessons that make the readers lose focus of the topic that the students have written.

But you have to remember that there are always exceptions. Some students are gifted writers and strong thinkers. They could recreate a story about Easter Bunny and get away with it. Until you become brilliant writer, you could use these suggestions in your admission essay.

Golden words in your admission essay to secure a spot in Harvard

A survey conducted by AdmitSee — a social media platform where thousands of verified undergrad and grad students share their application materials — found surprising differences in the way Harvard and Stanford handled the procedure of admission.

The students who referred their parents as ‘mom and dad’ get acceptance letter from Stanford. On the other hand, students calling them ‘mother and father’ were more likely to get accepted in Harvard. Therefore, you can see that words matter.

The students, whose application essay had sad tone, were more likely to get admission in Harvard, specifically, students who mentioned overcoming challenging moments in life. These essays mainly include words like cancer, difficult, tough and hard.

Essays that reflect the subject like race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation are well accepted at Yale and Stanford.

Each school has slightly different principles and focuses on variant attitudes, words, themes mentioned in students’ application. So the college essays do matter when it comes to the chances of getting accepted at prestigious colleges like Harvard, Yale or Stanford.

The moral of the story is the students should write about culture of the school they are applying to.

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