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Beginners’ Guide to Writing Essays

Does the mere thought of your teacher assigning you to write an essay send shivers down your spine? Well, coping up with coursework and writing essay can indeed prove to be a challenging task, especially at the beginning of your academic career. But if you get your basics right, you will be well-equipped to handle any topic.

five paragraph Essay

Basics of Writing Essays

The basic motto of writing essays — be it narrative, expository, argumentative, comparative or literary — is to convince the readers to adopt a certain point of view through supporting arguments, evidences or examples.

i. It must answer or address the essay question.

ii. It must have a thesis statement, which is basically the answer, followed by arguments.

iii. Develop the thesis by joining the closely related points through logical reasoning.

How to write essays?

Even though there are some common rules to follow, while writing an assignment, essay writing is a non-linear process. You might work through separate stages, but you cannot avoid going back to the previous stages for reading or taking down notes. But these are the mandatory steps for writing an essay:

i.First determine what type of essay it is

ii.Create an essay outline or your road map

ii.Develop a thesis statement

iv.Introduce your topic in the first paragraph

v.Support your thesis with evidences and data in the body

vi.Present your conclusion and give the readers a closure

Possible Steps in Drafting Academic Essay Writing:

Here are the probable steps, which might be altered as per the nature and topic of your essay:

1. Read the essay question, and define the main terms.

2. Establish a specific point of view or thesis statement.

3. Research on the topic through books, journals, personal opinions etc.

4. Take relevant notes.

5. Plan your essay, by organizing the ideas.

6. Develop the initial draft of your essay along with the introduction and concluding paragraph.

7. Take a break, and read it again to make the necessary changes.

8. Write down your final essay

9. Edit and proofread your essay writing, for fine-tuning and polishing the language.

10. Finalize the citations, reference and formats.

# Revise it carefully, before final submission to avoid errors.

That’s it. You have successfully completed your essay writing assignment. So from now onwards, don’t ever let the thought of putting pen to paper daunt you.