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A Sample Essay on Accountability

Accountability is the most dynamic principle amongst all that can help you achieve your goals. Accountability, in simple terms, means taking responsibility for your words and actions. Even though the concept is simple, developing accountability is not. Here are some quick tips to remain accountable that will lead to your accomplishment:

A Sample Essay on Accountability

i. Hunt for a confidante: If you think you are being accountable to yourself, you are living in an illusion. It is never going to work, unless you find a partner who will closely monitor your progress, with respect to your goal. Choose a close friend, neighbor or a colleague with whom you can fix a date and time, every week, for discussing your progress. You may use, phone, email or video chatting applications for the same. It is not a big deal, if you are sincere about your target.

ii. Pen down your goals clearly: In general, 75% of whatever we chart down is achievable because the write-up sets out grey cells at work!

iii. Make a checklist for your actions each week: The action checklist should be created on the basis of the tasks that must be completed within a week.

iv. Let others know: Share whatever achievements you are expecting within an approximate time with people. If you are hell bent upon achieving your target, declare it to the world. Use social networking sites or other apps for this.

v. Time for celebration: Now that you have successfully achieved your goal, it is time to celebrate!

In terms of achieving your goals related to academic assignments, essay writing or a novel, these five steps work wonders for you, provided you find the perfect accountable partner.