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The Five Paragraph Essay Format

The five paragraph essay remains one of the most preferred standards of measuring a student’s writing skills. The five paragraph essay, you guessed it right, comprises five paragraphs. A classic format for compositions, it sets up the groundwork and firms your base for all sorts of writing challenges.

Also known as hamburger essay owing to its one three one structure, a five paragraph essay typically contains the following elements:

Five paragraph essay

1. Introduction

Always considered as a vital organ for bringing life to your work, introduction serves as the most potent tool to capture the interest of the readers and set the tone for your essay. Hence, the beginning must be easy and direct to the topic so that readers can connect to the subject easily. Since the essay needs to be packaged in a five paragraph format, it should be conceived in that manner.

2. Description :

Right after the introduction, comes the description where the paragraph consists of related issues. It is more of a kind of narration where a review of the background is made so as to orient the reader to the topic. It serves as a platform to step up the third and the following process. This process by process analysis is mandatory. It helps in avoiding jamming of all the points together and prevents the essay from looking clumsy and ineffective.

3. Maintain the sequence:

When there is a process it must follow a certain rule and the same goes in this case where the sequence is necessary as well as important. Restate the subtopic, provide a little more information in this third paragraph.

4. Relevant proofs:

You need to make your writing authentic with relevant statements and arguments. Insert relevant facts, proofs, and observation statics, logical and reasoning figures which can give a proper outlook to the topic.

5. Conclusion:

Last but not the least remains the conclusion which is integral to the topic to wind it up in a nice manner. It should be conceivable by the readers and should have a sweet parting of a five-point method. In short, the summary of the argument.
That is it! Your five paragraph essay is ready for submission. Just read it loud, carefully and revise the language, filter out the grammar, spelling errors, and other possible imperfections.